Friday, December 28, 2012

Now and Later

A cute winter trench look

No, I’m not talking about those weird candies, I’m talking about clothes that you can wear now and later. There are pieces that are suitable for the colder months and with some quick changes and a few new accessories can become springtime appropriate. Now not all pieces can perform this magic trick. Even if you try your hardest a fur coat won’t translate from winter garb to springtime fun, unless of course you live in Minnesota and winter lasts until July.


One of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe is the trench coat. Not the long James Bond spy trench coat, but the lightweight, beige or khaki version that is shorter. They make wonderful toppers over jeans and boot with a thick sweater underneath during the colder months. Add a scarf and some gloves and your winter ready. I of course mean states where winter consists mostly of rain. A short trench is also perfect for spring and can be worn with dresses or lightweight slacks and sandals. Color is important; a black trench doesn’t look as spring ready as a light colored trench.

 The perfect trench for winter or spring

Another versatile piece is the leather skirt; yes I said a leather skirt. You just have to remember that color is once again key to the outfit. Keep the color light, such as tan or light grey. During the winter months a leather skirt can be worn with a loose nubby sweater with leggings and booties. The same skirt can be worn in the spring with a sleeveless tank, bare legs and sandals. If you skirt is tan you can wear blacks and dark browns during the winter and then yellows and reds in the spring. Remember heavier fabric in winter and light and breezy in spring for those tops.

Leather skirt winter look, maybe a slightly lighter color

As we head into winter our first thought is to bundle up and while it’s a good thought, it doesn’t always translate into the most versatile wardrobe come spring. I find my beige trench is perfect for those light rainy days although I have to replace the belt. I dislike those cloth belts that come with most light coats and jackets. If the weather isn’t too harsh you can leave it unbelted for a casual look. This is what I do most of the time. While out spending those Christmas gift cards keep in mind the seasons, you want to get the most bang for your buck and a piece that works now and then later is the best bet.
Leather skirt spring look, go longer for more coverage

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