Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leather Versus Pleather

Everyone loves a leather jacket

Leather is the “it” fabric right now. It’s being used in just about everything in fashion and in ways that no one really thought of a few years ago. Leather is being used in the usual way, belts, handbags, shoes and boots, but it is also being used to make tops and to accent a piece of clothing. Entire dresses are made from leather and they’re not the super slinky skintight garments we are used to seeing. Leather dresses have full skirts and supple bodices or draped collars.


The way the leather is made has a lot to do with this new usage. Leather is thinner yet surprisingly lux. It has a useable weight. Leather is now used to make t-shirt and peplum shirts. The addition of leather to cloth jacket, while not new, is used right beside cloth to add strips or checks to a garment. Leather is no longer reserved as an accent on a collar or patches on the elbows of a jacket. Leather is now an intricate part of the garment and its design.

 Diane von Furstenberg leather dress

This leads to the age old question of using leather versus a synthetic leather or “pleather.” There are many who believe that pleather is a much more environmentally friendly fabric. It is true that you don’t have to kill anything to get the basics. It is also true that the tanning or preparation of the leather is not an issue in pleather. But what about the actual chemicals that goes into making pleather? Since I know next to nothing about the process I’m wary.


I just recently found out that Whole Foods sells salmon, at absorbent prices, because they use a guy in Alaska. He fishes the waters and uses a line and hook, catching one salmon at a time, cool. But then the salmon are flown by jet to their distribution center and then trucked to each store, not so environmentally sound anymore. This is why I’m probably sticking to leather. I at least know how it’s made. So until those pleather makers tell us how this synthetic is made, I probably won’t change my mind. Besides, leather can last forever, not so sure about synthetic leather.
I need this leather t-shirt

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