Monday, December 10, 2012

Is Black Still Your Color?

Catherine Zeta Jones is hot in emerald green

I know, black really isn’t a color, it is the absence of color, or at least that’s what I’ve always been told. Every year Pantone Color Institute comes up with its color of the year. The hot color that seems to flood the runways and what designers all love to use. The hot color of the year 2013 will be emerald or green. Now this isn’t the first time that greens have had their year, back in the 80s greens were all the rage for almost a decade.


According to many designers greens can be used as a neutral when you pair it will tan, black, blue or yellow. I’m not so sure it’s a neutral in my book. Black is a neutral and so is tan, but green? I don’t really have anything against green. It is a soothing color. It’s also the color of money and nature, two things I like, but I have a hard time wearing a lot of green or even using it in my house. I guess I’m just not a green gal.

 Pantone Color Institute's color for 2013

It’s not that I don’t understand or even like the concept of a hot color for a particular year, it’s just that sometimes that hot color isn’t my color. I don’t like it, it doesn’t look good on me or it’s such a bright or weird color that I feel out of place wearing it. I see a lot of green suits and personally I think those models look a little like leprechauns. Green is such a powerful color that it takes a certain person and look to pull it off, it’s not for everyone.


For now I think I’ll stick with my usual standbys, black, tan, blue and red. I know this is a little boring but one of the nice things about fashion is there is so much variation. There are not as many rules and we can indulge in what we like as opposed to what is trendy. Besides, what we like might actually be trending at the moment. So while emerald is the hot color of 2013 I’ll probably only use it as an accent, maybe an emerald ring?
Leprechauns love green!

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