Friday, December 7, 2012

I Like Starbucks but...

You can have an exclusive Starbucks gift card, for only $450...

I know this has nothing to do with jewelry, fashion and accessories, but it does happen to be connected with business or maybe gift giving, besides I just couldn't resist. Starbucks coffee is the largest coffee chain in the world and yes I have a Starbucks card. It is registered and I’m gold level member. That means that I actually buy coffee on a fairly regular basis. Since I buy coffee and snacks regularly I get emails whenever Starbucks has a special offer or event.


Yesterday I got an email advertising their new etched steel Starbucks gift card. It is available for a limited time on and there will be a limited number, 5,000 available for purchase. Way to create some buzz about a pretty mundane and ubiquitous gift. What is really special about this card is the $450.00 price tag. I thought I was reading this wrong but upon further inspection the card cost $450.00 and comes preloaded with $400.00. Now that’s a lot of coffee.

 It won't even get you coffee that looks like this...

Not only is it a lot of coffee you become a gold level member automatically, big whoop! You can achieve gold level member status with just 30 purchases in a calendar year. That’s like two and a half visits a month. What they should have offered is a platinum level membership which allows you access to the front of the line. Now that might be worth shelling out $450.00 for a gift card, $50.00 of which goes to the steel card.


What is even more amazing is the fine print. The purchase of the etched steel gift card doesn’t extend your gold level membership or change your anniversary date. So basically if you’re a gold level member now, you just have a limited edition steel card and a lot of money to spend on coffee. I know these cards will probably go fast because there are people out there who will buy into the exclusiveness of any limited edition product. They also might try selling them on EBay a month from now. Any way you slice it, I’d rather have the $450.00 in my pocket, I don’t need to drink that much coffee anyhow.
At least they're everywhere

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