Monday, December 17, 2012

I Dream in Fashion

Dreaming about fashion is a sweet dream

I had the weirdest dream the other night. I was wearing a simple dress, one that I love and I had put on my usual black ballet flats with it. I have to say that I go for these shoes more often than not because they are comfortable and go really well with most of my dresses. In my dream I wasn’t happy with my usual flats and decided to put on a pair of heels. Thing was, I didn’t own a pair of heels like this.


The heel has a peep-toe with cool black gathered leather. The heel, while solid, was tampered towards the bottom. The shoe was pump style and had a small top knot for interest right above the peep-toe. It had a retro feel and look and went well with the flared skirt of my dress. It gave my outfit a “Mad Men” kind of style and I liked it. I never thought to wear this dress in that way. It was a really nice look and now I have to find those shoes.

 I like how the leather is gathered, it adds interest to the shoe

I don’t know if I should be happy that I dream about fashion or weirded out. I have dreams that I’m wrapped in my warm fur coats, wearing a fabulous handbag or even that I’m trying on rings. I never thought about this before but I guess women are more apt to dream about their clothes and homes than men although I could be wrong. To tell the truth I really haven’t taken a poll to see what other women dream about or men for that matter. I could just be odd and dream about what is in my closet or what I can buy.


Maybe this is how designers work. They dream about a shoe or a dress then sit down with paper and pencil and draw it out. Maybe I’ve missed my calling in life and should have been a shoe designer. At the very least dreaming about fashion is a pleasant dream. In my dreams I have a huge closet filled with unlimited clothes and shoes. Everything fits perfectly and I always have the right color. Maybe this is why I dream about fashion, it’s always just what I want in my dreams. Something that is hard to find in reality.
Mad Men style by Banana Republic

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