Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Glitter All the Way

Note the shine on this skirt

So with three holiday parties this week, one right after the other, I’ve decided it’s a good week to add some glitter to my life. Every woman loves a little sparkle. This is why we all love jewelry as a gift, it sparkles and shines. Since I have a few parties I was thinking of maybe wearing something that has a bit of sheen to it. Not necessarily super glitter, I’m not twelve, but a piece or two that has a silky yet light reflecting finish.


A party during the holiday’s calls for clothing that is festive and nothing says festive better than a little shine. A skirt with either a glitter finish or a high gloss finish is perfect. This look is pretty trendy and seasonal so while the stores may have some in stock right now, you might not find this type of skirt after the holidays. Buy one now and use it every holiday season if possible just updating with new accessories and add-ons. Remember, the more sparkle in the skirt the less sparkle up top.

 Love the drama of black and white on this silk blouse

Another great holiday piece is the silky blouse. The most wonderful thing about a silky blouse is its versatility. If it doesn’t have outright sequins pasted all over its surface you can wear this blouse under a blazer for work. A blouse made with a soft drape and a slight sheen makes a wonderful statement, although it doesn’t say it too loud. While the holidays are a good excuse to break out the fabulously glittery clothes, don’t go over the top. Keep it simple yet elegant.


I have a couple of silk blouses that have just the right amount of shine. They make every outfit a little special and since one of the blouses is red, it really says Christmas.  It looks wonderful with either black or winter white and it can be worn with a black pencil skirt and a tweed blazer for the office. With the addition of some statement jewelry, think multiple stands of pearls; I’m ready for any party. While I maybe a conservative dresser, it is fun to put on some sparkle and glitter all the way.

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