Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Everything You Wanted for Christmas

David Yurman cuff

Now that the presents have all been unwrapped you can ask yourself if you got everything you wanted for Christmas. It is typical for shoppers to hit the stores with full force the day after Christmas. I usually avoid this debacle because it can be worse than a Black Friday sale where they’re selling 55” LED TVs for $20 bucks. If you thought the people pushing and shoving for cheap prepaid phones at Wal-Mart was scary, try the after Christmas sales.


The after Christmas sales have the added bonus of people who received gift cards and/or are returning items that didn’t fit or wasn’t what they needed. It seems as if there are twice as many shoppers on this day. There also appears to be quite a few sales. My email took a breather for a day or two leading up to Christmas, only received half as much spam, but today my box is full. Everybody and their brother are trying to get me to buy from them.

 I need one of these in my size

I have to admit that some of the sales are pretty good. If you’re interested in purchasing inexpensive Christmas decorations now if your time to accomplish this task, but do it fast. I’ve kept my eye out for a pre-lit Christmas tree as my current tree was purchased in an after Christmas sale over 20 years ago. It is amazing what you can do with florist tape and imagination. The old tree is ready to completely expire and it’s time to buy a new one and I know the inventory won’t last long.


If you didn’t get exactly what you wanted for Christmas now is the time to head to the stores and do some serious shopping. Just be prepared for long lines and limited inventory. Stores are not only trying to get rid of those Christmas decorations but the holiday sweaters and maybe even outerwear. If you feel lucky I say go for it. I will try and find my after Christmas buys on-line since I don’t want to chance the stores. Nothing like shopping from the safety of my home.
Maybe just some gemstones

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