Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday Goals

Probably why the calendar stopped

If you’re reading this then it means that the world didn’t end. There has been a lot of hullabaloo about the world ending on 12/21/2012. Apparently that was the end of the Mayan calendar. Most people forgot to mention that the Mayan calendar was designed to start over again at zero. This is a lot like our calendars. When December 31st rolls around it is followed by January 1st the next day. Hence we are all sitting here looking at our computers.


There are actually a few people who believe in the apocalypse and the Mayan calendar prediction. About 10% of the population according to Seth Shostak, a scientist with the SETI Institute in Mountain View California, apparently it’s about the same percentage of people who believe in Santa Claus. The only problem is those who believe in Santa Claus are mostly about twelve years old and under. Just as people need to learn logical reasoning we need to learn skeptical thinking. You might be more of a cynic but at least no one will pull the wool over your eyes and you won't get caught running around screaming "we're all going to die," dressed only in your underwear.

 Pick your perfect jeans

If you thought the world was going to end you may have made a bucket list or a doomsday goal list. These would be things you wanted to complete before you died. In my doomsday goal list I would have mostly fashion related “to-dos.” These would include, get a Hermes Kelly bag, buy a pair of Chelsea suede boots, and find the perfect pair of jeans. Since the world would be coming to an end I wouldn’t have to pay the credit card bill the following month.


Alas the world didn’t come to an end so I still have my list and thankfully no credit card bill. I will probably continue to work on my list, after all, who wouldn’t want to have the perfect pair of jeans. I will just keep looking with my budget in mind. I will also keep looking for those boots and maybe a used Kelly. A girl can always hope! On the bright side of the world not ending, at least we still have Christmas and then New Year’s Eve to celebrate because who would want to miss those fun days.
Marc Jacobs Chelsea boot, love it!

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