Monday, December 3, 2012

Do You Own an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

This one comes complete with Santa's face

Now I’m not knocking the ugly holiday sweater. They’re kind of cool in a kitschy sort of way. These sweaters were once popular and actually were an acceptable form of holiday party wear probably back in the 80s or something. I know of people who have parties based upon these types of sweaters and you are required to seek out and wear the most outrageous sweater you can find. It’s all part of the fun. Now I personally don’t own a holiday sweater but I did once upon a time.


My taste in sweaters has moved to the more practical side of fashion which is probably why I don’t own one today. When dressing for the holidays I try and find pieces and accessories that can fit a wide range of events or parties. While some lean towards the flashing reindeer antler headband, I might go with something more conventional, like a stretchy headband with a rhinestone brooch pinned to it. This actually makes a wonderful hair accessory and doesn’t cost a lot.

 Add some sparkle to a monochromatic outfit for a festive look

Another idea to show your holiday spirit is to wear winter white. Nothing says a party like an entire outfit in winter white. It’s not a practical color and it is the color of snow. A pair of silk pants, nude colored heels, silk blouse and maybe a fuzzy sweater or blazer is all you need to say party. Throw in some gold colored accessories and you’ll be a holiday party hit. The bonus of this outfit is each piece can be paired with something else when you’re not going to a party, just the office.


So while ugly holiday sweater certainly scream Christmas, you might now want to have the volume turned up that loud. Go with subtle accessories, like a gold bracelet, or sparkly earrings. Adding touches of gold to a winter white outfit makes everything blend. Or you can add holiday colors like red or blue, both of which look great next to winter white. Just stay away from the Santa face sweater.
Add some gold accessories

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