Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

There is a wonderful sensation when waking up on Christmas morning. My children are of an age where they don’t bound out of bed, jump on my head and declare that Santa has been to our house. In fact it has been quite a few years since that has occurred. My children don’t actually live at home anymore since the last one moved out around Thanksgiving of this year. I am officially an empty nester.


This is my first Christmas waking up with just my hubby and me. Now Christmas morning, like many holidays, is quiet. When you walk out to get the morning paper in the driveway there is a silence you don’t experience during a normal week. No traffic noise, no hum of the freeway off in the distance, just a subtle silence. It’s the perfect time for reflection. No hustle or bustle to mar our thoughts. It is the perfect day to sit by the fire and read a favorite book.


I enjoy these quiet morning without the need to rush and get ready for work and fill orders. No delivery people, no post office and no one asking any questions. It is truly a wonderful day off. This Christmas dawned grey and cold with a forecast of rain which makes family visits in my home that much warmer. My children are coming to the house in waves. First a group for brunch than another for dinner, it is a day to spend time with loved ones. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and remember to eat, drink and be merry with your family and enjoy the day as Christmas comes but once a year.

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