Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Busier Than a One Armed Paper Hanger

Is your on-line store busy?

I have a small business in addition to my blog. It is an on-line store so while I don’t have to get up early and roll out the store front, I do have to take care of business. Most people think that owning an on-line store is easy. Ask anyone who owns a brick and mortar store what they think of on-line places and chances are they will give you an ear full. While I’m sure that a store front is a lot of work, I do trunk shows; most retailers in this situation forget one important fact. An on-line store is open 24 hours a day.  


When a retailer closes his storefront, it signals the end of the day. Now I’m sure that many store owners just shift gears and do bookkeeping or inventory or figure out if they made a profit for the day, in other words the work continues. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but at least when they leave the store and really make up their mind to not do any additional work, they’re done. I on the other hand have a constant barrage of questions via email and packing and shipping to complete. Those of you who have Esty stores know what I mean.

 I'm beginning to feel like this...

It’s not that I’m complaining but yes, I am complaining. This time of year it gets very hectic and the post office is packed with every nincompoop known to man. It gets a little frustrating. Thank heavens I have this blog to vent. There is a definite misconception that an on-line store is easier and doesn’t take any work. While every store has inventory, bookkeeping and all the other requirements, on-line stores are on 24/7. We do not close our doors, shutdown for the night or go home. People who craft their inventory have the double whammy of being supplier and seller.


So tonight I’m taking a few hours off from the store and going to a holiday party. I officially have three parties this week so I will be taking quite a few nights off from the store. Once the holidays are over I will be taking more “me” days. Maybe a little spa vacation or a trip to Las Vegas is in order? What I am really hopeful for in the New Year is the post office, stores at the mall and my local grocery store get back to normal. It makes one wonder where everyone shops the rest of the year.
which means I'll be enjoying some of this tonight.

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