Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Pet on Your Finger

Do you love your pet?

I don’t know if I find this creepy or fascinating or both. Apparently there are companies out there that can make a diamond or other gemstone out of your pet’s ashes. After little Fluffy or Rover has past, you can send their ashes to these companies, specify color and other attributes and presto…you get your pet in diamond form. After all diamonds are simply carbon created under extreme heat and pressure, conditions scientist have been replicating in labs for years.


The part I find creepy is why anyone would want to wear their deceased pet. I loved my dog and I love diamonds but I don’t think I’m ready to wear her as a diamond on my finger. Plus how to you explain to someone who comments on your ring or pendant? “Oh this old thing, it’s just my former cat.” I have to admit turning a deceased pet into a gemstone doesn’t sound as bad as using taxidermy to preserve a pet. Although it does make someone sound a little obsessed with their pets. I know plenty of people who love their pets, none have ever opted to turn them into jewelry.

 Are they part of the family?

But one has to consider American’s obsession with our pets. Americans spend close to $50 billion dollars annually on their pets, that billion with a B.  Apparently it’s larger than the GDP of some countries. So it stands to reason that pet owners would want to immortalize their pets in a piece of jewelry. A stuffed animal only lasts so long and pictures and video fade with time. Diamonds are forever!


Accordingly, the price for having your pet turned into a diamond is not cheap. It can be as low as a few hundred dollars but depending on the size could run thousands. Sound familiar? How much a diamond cost can be attributed to size, cut and color, I guess even synthetics made from the ashes of a pet have some standards. Any way you look at it it’s a good/weird/unusual and potentially morbid way to remember a beloved pet and besides, it’s a great conversation piece.
Immortalize them forever in a synthetic stone

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