Thursday, December 20, 2012

32 Days of Shopping

The People of Wal-Mart are in the Christmas spirit

I saw an interesting statistic today; apparently there were 32 shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas. This is the longest interval of shopping days possible on the calendar. While this is the longest interval possible I still haven’t gone Christmas shopping. I did go to the mall yesterday and bought myself a cheese on a stick treat. I was trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit but the call of hot melty cheese wrapped in deep fried dough got the better of me.


I still have no idea what to get my kids for Christmas or my husband for that matter. I never seem to have a problem with those who are twelve and under. Toys of any kind are always a good fit. Kids love toys, dolls and even candy. You can send a big box of candy and just about any kid will love you forever. That’s the beauty of being young, everything is totally awesome. The older one gets the harder it is to find the perfect gift or at the very least something they want and will use.

 They've even decorated themselves

My kids are actually adults now so finding the right Christmas gifts is a little tricky. While my son who just purchased his first place probably wants something practical his sister has been out on her own for a while now. As a woman she might want something impractical, that’s just how we girls are. She is a chip off the old block and loves jewelry and accessories. I have never gone wrong when I’ve given her a piece of jewelry as a gift.


So now that our 32 days of shopping is reaching its end, unless you are one of those incredible people who starts shopping the day after Christmas, you will be like me and hitting the stores. There is nothing wrong with waiting until the last minute to decorate your home, buy presents and bake cookies. It’s actually a tradition in my house. My husband doesn’t begin his shopping until 12 noon on Christmas Eve. Why break from tradition when it actually works? Besides by totally ignoring our “to-do” list we have zero stress, at least until 12 noon on Christmas Eve.
Don't forget the family car

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