Monday, November 5, 2012

Wear What You Want

Michelle Obama does a statement necklace perfectly

I know I’ve said this before; everyone should wear what they want to wear. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry. There is a scene in the movie “A Friend for the End of the World,” in which a woman is wearing a tiara, jewels and a fur coat and is explaining, it’s all the things I never wore. Now that she is facing the end of the world she is finally throwing caution to the wind and wearing all those jewelry pieces that she didn’t think were appropriate.


Now I’m not saying go out and wear that diamond tiara, there are few that can wear one in public without looking odd. So unless you’re a beauty queen or royalty making a public appearance, keep the tiara stowed away for your wedding or Halloween. There are many pieces of jewelry that we keep locked up or do not dare to wear unless it’s a special occasion. Why? Do diamonds and jeans really look that odd? Does statement jewelry say something wrong when we wear it to the mall? I don’t think so.

 Aewsome jewelry with denim

The key is keeping it all in perspective. The woman in the above mentioned movie was over the top. Alone each extravagant piece would probably look okay (with the exception of the tiara) with the right toned down outfit. It’s perfectly okay to wear fabulous large earrings with a blazer and jeans. The simplest of little black dresses looks great when you have on a beautiful statement necklace. I’ve also seen women wearing these necklaces with office wear, a pencil skirt and button up blouse. It adds a little femininity to the standard corporate outfit.


There is nothing wrong with wearing what we want to wear although I admit that sometimes I have a hard time not wearing it all at once. There was once a rule that stated “Once you’re all dressed and think your outfit is perfect, take one last good look, and then take off one item.” Supposedly this kept you from overdressing. I think a better way is get dressed and find one fabulous piece that can stand alone, and then wear it. Some days nothing looks better than a ponytail with diamond hoop earrings and jeans.

Unless you're the Queen, please leave the tiara at home

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