Monday, November 12, 2012

Tis the Season to Sparkle

As we head into the holidays we will all be concerned with what to wear to all those holiday parties. While I’ve never considered myself a party girl, I do have a few parties to attend this season. Most are fairly casual so showing up dripping in diamonds and pearls might not be appropriate and I don’t think I’ve been invited to any formal events. This means I won’t be wearing any long evening gowns covered in sequins. Even though I’m not wearing “met the Queen” formalwear, I still want to sparkle.


Nothing says the holidays are here more than something sparkly, besides women love sparkly things. It begins when we are young with glitter nail polish and follows us into adulthood. If you really want to make a woman’s heart skip a beat, give her jewelry for a holiday gift. I’ve struggled for years trying to find the perfect gift for my daughter for years. Last Christmas I started a charm style bracelet for her and gave it as a gift. She loved it, success!


The best way to sparkle is to add one outstanding piece of jewelry. Nothing to bright, nothing too big, for the casual party I suggest subtly. If you are planning on wearing your hair up, you can wear a pair of fabulous earrings. If you’re going to be wearing short sleeves go with some sparkle at your wrists. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Crystals sparkle like diamonds in most party lighting and only the tacky will ask if it is real. The idea is to add a little fun to your outfit, that’s what makes it a party.


Since I love scarves, I’m thinking of going with a classic draped scarf secured with a vintage brooch. If you don’t have any of these I would suggest a place like There are many vintage pieces available or if you’re lucky and the weather holds, there might be a garage sale in your neighborhood. These are great places to find old costume jewelry. This is also the time of year for craft festivals and sometimes vendors sell wonderful pieces they picked up in estate sales. Whichever way you go have some fun this season and don’t forget the sparkly jewelry.

A simple scarf with a brooch dresses up any outfit

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