Friday, November 30, 2012

The Fur Vest

Love the longer length on this Michael Kors fur vest

My Grandmother had a saying “Your wants will keep you poor.” My want of a fur vest is sure to keep me poor. I was strolling past Michael Kors the other day and spied a fur vest hanging on their rack. I went in to look and the salesperson was right there. I couldn’t find a large; I’m quite tall and thought this was my out. The salesperson was helpful and immediately went into the back to find a large and came back with it.


Darn, how can I stay on a budget when people are finding the exact size and color that I’m looking for? The worst part was how well the vest fit. It was the perfect length and color. The fur while not super expensive like mink, was still a soft and supple rabbit fur. It was comfortable when closed, not too tight and was just the right weight. It is so frustrating when you find the perfect piece and you know you shouldn’t be spending that kind of money. Granted it was only $450.00 and in comparison to other fur pieces I’ve purchased it was a steal.

 Michael Kors rabbit fur vest
But alas, the fur vest stayed at the Michael Kors store. I was willing to exercise my willpower and did not succumb to its soft and fluffy allure. I still think about it and how it could be an awesome piece in my wardrobe. While I have a couple of vintage fur coats, they are coats. Living in California doesn’t present many opportunities for wearing fur. Although I visit family in Nevada frequently and it gets pretty cold there.


So for now I think I will try and figure out a way to get my hands on a fur vest. While rabbit fur is economical, it doesn’t have the lasting properties that you would find in mink. There is also the used fur route. This is how I got my other two coats. The full length mink I inherited and the short stroller I purchased from a used fur dealer. Both coats still have a ton of wear left in them and I plan to use them this winter. I’m just keeping my eye out for either a sale at Michael Kors or a good used fur, a girl can dream can’t she?
The light brown Michael Kors vest was also nice

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