Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Elections are Over

I'm joining the Cocktail Party

The elections are officially over but what did everyone wear? In past elections what the candidates and their significant others were wearing was a hot topic of conversation. I guess we’re taking it for granted that everyone will dress well. I have to hand it to the wives, they both have outstanding taste. Both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney dressed stylishly and tastefully. I can’t give props to one more than the other although I probably have a better chance of wearing Michelle Obama’s wardrobe as she occasionally shops at Target.


I’m actually glad that the elections are over. It always seems silly to me that everyone gets so excited and outspoken about their particular candidate. There is usually a fair amount of mudslinging and name calling, not very gentlemanly. Each thinks the other is a liar or has some nefarious agenda in mind. The truth of the matter is most everyone has their mind made up about their vote long before the election began and those who say they are undecided usually are just trying to avoid all the rhetoric and not so gentle persuasion.

 Michelle Obama is having an arm party!

So now that the elections are over I’m going with what a friend said and joining the “Cocktail Party.” I reserve the right to have a drink when and where I choose. Nothing wrong with a little cocktail and nothing wrong with wearing a cocktail dress while enjoying my drink. I don’t think it’s a coincident that the election season is over right before the beginning of the holiday party season. Just about everybody needs a drink after an election win or lose, and what better way to celebrate the end of elections then to have a cocktail.


So if your party won, enjoy and celebrate. If your party lost, relax and have a drink. We now all have more important things to do like holiday meal preparation, party planning and of course budgeting for presents. It is good that we have such a stylish first lady and it will certainly be more fun to watch what Michelle Obama will be wearing during the holidays and all the upcoming events then watching the candidates. I like to think that fashion adds a little decorum to a decidedly hostile and competitive event. So congratulations to all the ladies of politics, you’ve survived another season and did it so fashionably.

Both of these ladies deserve congrats

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