Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stylish Aging

Cowlneck sweaters emphasize the right areas

As we age we all want to look stylish. We don’t want to look frumpy or like we didn’t take the time to consider what we were wearing. For those of us who have jobs outside of the home, this is extremely important. We want to look professional. As we get older we are presented with a new set of style problems that are sometimes hard to overcome. We aren’t as lithe and slim as we used to be and body parts seem to migrate to areas not as complimentary to the latest fashions. There are ways to overcome these problems.


It is important to know your body type. If you have great legs show them off. If your arms are still to die for, wear sleeveless styles and expose those assets. You need to figure out what part you are proud of and make an effort to highlight it. I’ve been told that the shoulders are one part of a woman that doesn’t show its age. Emphasize shoulders without showing too much arm or cleavage. A cowl neck or bateau neckline creates drape and adds coverage to a problem area.  It is important to keep in mind the cut of a neckline, over exposure can age you. Also, believe it or not, a long close sleeve is more flattering then a billowy sleeve. Keep the drape at the neckline not on your arms because it can add weight across your torso if there is too much fabric.

The right underwear can make a big difference

Another important aspects of style that many women ignore is your foundation pieces, or more simply, your underwear. Ill-fitting underwear shows lines and creases that are unattractive no matter what you wear. I also notice that as women age they seem to spend less in this area, not a good idea. Get fitted at a department store or other women’s lingerie store and get the right size bra. Also think about shape wear, Spanx are awesome and give a smooth look. It is also important to get the right size, too big and it won’t do the job, too small and it rolls down.


If you want to stay fashionable but know that this season’s styles just aren’t for you, think accessories. Let’s face it, some fashion trends that come out really don’t appeal or if you’re like me, you have a tendency to stick to classic pieces. You still want to be on trend by adding something new. Accessories are perfect for this; you can pick what works for you, handbag, boots, scarves or jewelry. You can also work within your own clothing budget. Sometimes new fashion trends are pricy and we want to be selective in what we choose. Remember to stick with what you feel comfortable in, because if it doesn’t feel right, it shows.
The right accessories can make an outfit

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