Thursday, November 8, 2012

Heels or Flats?

A nude pump elongates the leg

Which is better a heel or flats? While both can be stylish, one shoe says professional or sexy and the other says comfortable. I do the heels or flats test all the time. I put on the outfit and one shoe with heels and the other no heels then stand in front of the mirror and try and make a decision. Sometimes the decision boils down to how long I will be forced to stand or how far I will have to walk. In an office environment where I will only have to walk a short distance and will probably spend a great deal of time sitting, I can opt for heels. If I know I will be traversing a great expanse, I must go with flats.


Now don’t get me wrong, I think that a flat can be professional if given the right outfit. They are a bit trickier and can look a little too casual for some environments. This is where the problem really comes into play. When I take a vacation or visit Vegas I have that one night when we dress up and go out on the town. This can include a show or maybe a fancy dinner. The best look for this special occasion is a dress with nice heels. The problem arises when I have to walk across some huge casino to get to my destination. Let me tell you, Vegas casinos are huge.

 These Cole Haan flats are so cute

The weirdest part about this is how much my feet hurt at the end of the night. It must literally be miles from one end to another. The reason I believe this is because I’ve put on the same shoes at home, worn them all day and nothing. No sore feet no blisters. When I go to Vegas and wear the same shoes I have both sore feet and blisters by the end of the night. My hubby always says “why didn’t you bring comfortable shoes?” It’s hard to explain that these are the shoes that didn’t give you an ounce of trouble at home.


Since I am going to a small festivity tonight I will have the great heels versus flats debate. I want to be comfortable but I’m not sure how much seating there will be. I can always take a chance and wear heels, since they look fabulous, or I can play it safe and wear flats. It’s a little black dress party so accessories will be important. Well at least I know my jewelry will be fun and add some pizazz to my own little black dress. Come to think of it, that dress is getting a workout this week, it will be the second time I’ve worn it. Isn’t the holiday season fun?

Have these Kenneth Cole booties in black

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