Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gift Giving

As I was saying yesterday, now is the start of the gift shopping season. There are many who feel a desperate need to get it all done by the day after Thanksgiving. This is why Black Friday is so popular. It is a special shopping day for those overachievers. I think I did a Black Friday about ten years ago; it wasn’t much fun so I’ve skipped every year since. It’s good to say I did it one year. The concept of Black Friday being a super bargain hunting day is slipping away.


You can’t cruise the internet without seeing an article about how Black Friday is losing its power. Many shopping experts are saying that this day is not necessarily the best day to find bargains. They’ve done some comparison shopping throughout the year and found that some items are actually cheaper at other times during the year. Now I understand that getting a good deal is important but unless you shop 24/7 and 365 days a year, you will be forced to purchase an item for someone at an inopportune pricing time.

Gift shopping is about finding a gift that is either loved or wanted. While I enjoy a good bargain, I refuse to purchase just because it is a good price. My hubby has a saying that I could save 100% if I just keep my wallet closed. This is especially true for gifts that don’t fit a recipient. We all know that saying, “It’s the thought that counts,” but what about a gift that really doesn’t match, doesn’t that say you have no idea what that person wants? It is best to avoid that situation. When shopping for a gift the first and most important thing is to think about that person and what they need or want. Sometimes this is all you need to do to find the perfect gift.


I have had occasions when I couldn’t think of what to get someone. It just takes a little extra contemplation to figure out the puzzle. When you really can’t figure it out you can always ask. I find that this works really well because everyone has something that they just haven’t gotten around to getting for themselves. Sometimes it’s something that they want but feel silly buying. I really love expensive chocolates but don’t want to buy them for myself. I know I can but it just doesn’t feel right, far too indulgent. My son loves socks every Christmas because it spares him the task of getting them himself. So why not try something unconventional, not everyone is pining for a gigantic flat screen TV.

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