Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Furry Scarves

A CAbi look from their website

I attend a local women’s networking group. I really don’t think I do that much networking but they are a really fun group of gals who have some really interesting businesses. Sometimes it’s just fun to hang-out and not be a responsible adult once in a while and these women are perfect. They don’t get too wild but they are friendly and love to talk. It’s just a good way to spend some time out of the house. Also did I tell you they serve wine at these events and finger foods?


Anyways, I was talking with one of the ladies who sell clothing, how awesome is that? She is a home based business and I give her credit for having so many pieces of clothing stored in her home and not trying to wear it all, I would. In particular she has faux fur scarves. They are really quite nice. Soft and fuzzy, all the things you think of when you wear fur. While they are faux, they really don’t feel faux or look faux. I’m kind of a fur connoisseur and I can see bad faux fur a mile away. This did take a much closer inspection.

The CAbi frosty scarf 

Since my anniversary is coming up I’m thinking that the Chinchilla scarf might be kind of fun. It would look really good with my black sweaters and it would keep me warm. There is also an infinity scarf that resembles mink. It has a rich dark mahogany color that is also quite tempting. The best part about these scarves is the affordable price. You won’t have to pay $300 or more for a real fur scarf as these run around $49. You also won’t have to worry about getting the stink eye from an animal rights activist when you wear it in public.


So note to my hubby, if you are looking to buy me a gift for our upcoming anniversary please contact Tifin Kutch Dillon at . I’m particularly fond of the faux Chinchilla scarf and I’m sure she can get it to you on the sly. You can also email her at Tifin’s scarves are really beautiful, warm and right on trend for fall fashions. Give her products a look see, you might find something you like. She also has really cute leggings and tops.
The CAbi infinity scarf

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