Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Evening Bag Season

Tis the season to party! There will be parties a plenty starting this week. The Thanksgiving Day kick-off will be followed by rounds of cocktail parties, office parties and culminating in the biggest party of the year, New Year’s Eve. I have quite a few parties lined up myself and of course I’m planning my evening wear.


I will try and get as much mileage out of my little black dress as possible. I also discovered an awesome long “rock star” black jacket hiding in the back of my closet. I took it to the dry cleaners and now it is all set to go. I just need to find that red silk blouse I bought with the jacket. It will look really good with my leather skirt. Yes, I said leather. A woman of a certain age can still wear leather if her accessories are right.

Got to love this bling
I’m thinking black nylons to keep the silhouette proper and a beautiful silk blouse that is feminine and appropriate. My suede studded booties are cool and a simple yet trendy evening bag is the last accessory to finish it off. If I wear the leather skirt I need to make sure that I don’t add too much bling. I also need to stay away from my favorite leather jacket. Cloth is best and silk or lace turns a hard edged look soft.


I think the evening bag is an important accessory. If I’m wearing a black dress that is super simple I can add more bling. An evening bag that has sparkle, sequin or even a little edge is perfect with a simple dress. If the dress is taking center stage make sure the evening bag is simple and matching, you want it to blend. This is the party season but you still want to look fabulous. Keep everything balanced and you are sure to shine!


  1. LOVE the evening bag! It absolutely makes the little black dress. Those pictured are fabulous. I use a vintage little bag with tiny pearls sewn on it that was my Grandmothers! :)

  2. Thanks so much. I also have some vintage accessories from my Grandmother, really makes them a treasure.

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