Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dressing for an Interview

Office dressing that is appropriate and stylish

The economy still continues to be a problem and while new jobs are being added everyday this usually means that someone is filling that job. A new job also means an interview happened at some point. If you got the job you probably did things right in a lot of departments. You said the right things, you had the right skills and more than likely, you dressed for the position. Believe it or not, how you dress for an interview can be critical to the outcome of job placement.


While we live in a society that is much more lax than it was twenty years ago, you still have to dress appropriately for a job interview. Even if you’re interviewing for food services you want to look neat and clean. So it goes without saying that a higher paying more skilled position will require more attention to detail. The job market is extremely competitive and individuals with PhDs and master’s degrees are applying for jobs that once required an AA degree. So you need to really make yourself stand out of a crowd.

 Love this look

It is important to be fashionable but not too wild. This is an area where jewelry needs to be conservative and appropriate. Yesterday I said you should wear what you want, but I did temper that statement. Michelle Obama looked awesome in a shift with a large statement necklace. I figure if it’s good enough for the first lady then it should be good enough for most office environments. That’s probably a good rule. Most first ladies dressed stylishly and appropriately. Never too much and yet never too little, classic style is important.


I would suggest keeping jewelry smaller if you’re wearing several pieces and if the pieces are large, make sure it’s the only one. Stay away from heavy bangles or jewelry that jingles. You don’t want to distract from the conversation about your skills. I would also suggest closed toes shoes and cover your arms. You can’t go wrong with a three quarter sleeve cardigan and a pair of pumps. Use some imagination, but not too much, let accessories do the talking but don’t allow them to scream. Most importantly, be yourself and try and relax, confidence is the best accessory of all.

While she looks fabulous, this outfit is cocktail party ready, not office appropriate

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