Friday, November 16, 2012

Cashmere and Wool

Cashmere has beautiful drape

While I may not be a huge mitten fan or wear gloves, unless I’m ice skating or making snowballs, I do love a good pair of cashmere mittens. I actually love all forms of cashmere because of its soft texture and expensive look. The problem is I’m a little particular about the quality of my cashmere. I stumbled upon a seller of wool and cashmere the other day while shopping at Costco. Yes, that place has everything.


The sweaters that the vendor was selling, while attractive, did not have the feel and weight I would like to see with this type of a product. The wool was thin and itchy. The cashmere seemed transparent and had an uneven weave to the sweater. The sales representative for the product pounced on me right away as I examined the sweaters. I didn’t like the product and tried to move away without giving any comment but she was persistent. She really tried to get me to buy a sweater. I simply told her I didn’t want to pay for dry cleaning and I was too busy to own a hand wash and dry flat sweater.

It comes in a rainbow of colors

I know this is a copout and if I was honest I would have told her I found her product inferior. Even with the low price these sweaters were probably not worth the money. Wool doesn’t always have to be itchy. I had a pair of wool pants in high school that I wore to death; the wool was very high quality. I bought them at I. Magnums in San Francisco. Those pants held their shape, were smooth and a beautiful camel color that went with everything. I really need a pair of those pants again.


I’ve never owned a cashmere sweater. Yes, I know I’ve been deprived. I have felt and caressed many cashmere sweaters and the high quality cashmere is soft to the touch and has an even texture. It is light weight not thin or transparent. High quality wool or cashmere wool is made from longer fibers. This keeps the garment from feeling course or itchy. Fuzzy sweater are a result of short fibers poking up and they make you itchy. So while it may be tempting to purchase that sweater because the price is so low, resist because when it comes to wool, you get what you pay for.
Wool pants are a classic

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