Monday, November 26, 2012

Alice Cooper

I saw Alice Cooper

Well as luck would have it, my anniversary fell on Thursday November 22nd this year. As many already know this was Thanksgiving. So while I got a lot of well wishes this special day from family and friends, I still want to go out and party. This is why this I left for Reno on Saturday. Now I know you’re thinking Reno? Why would anyone go and party in Reno? Well for your information I had ticket to see Alice Cooper in the theater at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.


This particular theater is really quite nice. It is an old style dinner theater without the dinner. It has tables with chairs and red leather booths with tufted backs. My hubby bought an entire booth and we invited his sister and her new husband along for the ride. It is really fun to sit in a leather booth and watch a show and since its Alice Cooper it was awesome! I am of course writing this after the fact, hence the late posting on my blog.

 You can see Alice Cooper on a platform to the left, sorry

I have never seen so much leather, sleeveless t-shirts and chains in one place…ever. I have to say Alice Cooper puts on a great show and so does his audience. The group sitting in the booth next to us was quite vocal and loved the show. They also committed some real fashion faux pas. Not that I’m the fashion police but I love to take these opportunities to look around at the crowd. The entire group was dressed in strapless mini faux leather dresses with platform stilettos. Their outfits rivaled the costumes on stage. There were of course those who entertained with their wild dancing, you know who you are.


In fact there were quite a few people who felt this was an occasion to dress up. Feather boas, tops hats and even face paint. Yes, I said face paint. It was quite entertaining, Alice Cooper puts on a high energy show and his encore was complete with a light show, fireworks and exploding human sized confetti filled balloons. I know that I should have taken more pictures of the crowd, but it was dark. The pictures I have don’t do the concert justice. Overall it was a fun experience and I didn’t even have to dress the part to get in the spirit.

Confetti and fireworks in the finale

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