Friday, November 9, 2012

A Make-up Party

They have wonderful mineral powder

I did a little event last night that consisted of playing with make-up and eating desserts. Truly it doesn’t get any better than that. My friend is a Mary Kay representative,, and every now and then they have a little get together. The ladies set up make-up stations and you can walk around, choose different colors and make-up your eyes, lips, cheeks or just have the perfect color of foundation or powder selected for you. For those you are unsure of make-up, this is a great way to try some new products.


While I consider myself a veteran of the make-up wars, I still love to try new colors. It was a great way to try some products that I was apprehensive about and wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase. The atmosphere was friendly and fun. The women were truly interested in the products and there were many representatives on hand to help with application and color choices. Best of all there wasn’t any high pressure sales and no one tried to get you to buy a skin care system or make-up collection. I confess that I did purchase some mineral powder but I was running low and this was a perfect opportunity to get some, since it’s a brand I already use.

 I tried Midnight Star and Sterling eyeshadows
I’ve been trying to perfect the smoky eye look for quite some time and have been unsuccessful. I’ve followed all the diagrams in fashion magazines but only end up looking like a raccoon that had a bad night. Somehow it always looks ridiculous so I avoid this look. Last night I tried different colors that I don’t own. I’ve found that grey or black are not good a color for the smoky eye and brown is too subtle. Believe it or not I used a midnight blue or navy blue shadow and was able to give a beautiful smudged and smoky look without raccoon eyes. I didn’t even use pencil or liner.


I was quite pleased with myself and had a lot of fun. I would highly recommend going to one of these parties if you get invited. It might seem like a high pressure sales event at first but it is a great way to experiment in a non-threating place. The best part about this make-up party is, if you don’t like the results you aren’t going to be seen by anyone and you can wash your face. It was in the evening so I went home afterwards. Although since my eye make-up came out perfect I felt like I should have gone out on the town. Oh well, next time, at least this old dog was taught a new trick.
The Black Cherry lipstick is my favorite shade (in the middle)

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  1. Love, love, love! sounds like a lot of fun! I always think it's fun to get those free make-overs at Macys too. Even though we grow up, we still love playing dress up! :)