Tuesday, October 9, 2012

World Post Day

A Van Gogh mailbox

It’s kind of fitting that after a day off from mail delivery the postal service has World Post Day. While probably not what you think, it is a celebration of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union. They even have a theme this year which is “Write a letter to an athlete or sports figure you admire to explain what the Olympic Games mean to you.” While it maybe weird to have a theme, World Post Day is tries to bring the postal service and its influence to the attention of the world.


Most of us who have internet businesses have come to realize the importance of mail delivery, in particular, our packages. I ship all over the world and without this open flow of mail around the world, I would be sunk. In the same way that cell phones revolutionized communication, mail delivery pretty much did the same thing hundreds of years ago. Granted there have been many advancements over the years and particularly in the past decade. Overnight mail delivery wasn’t possible back in the 1600s. Although mail delivery has been around since then.

 R2D2 as a mailbox

The United States postal service helps to keep many businesses going and still has some of the cheapest rates for delivery. I’ve tried Federal Express but unless it is a difficult package I usually go with the USPS. They are just as fast and cheaper by far. I usually stick to one of the main shippers if the package might have customs issues. I know this sound nefarious, but I can never figure out why a necklace has a harder time going through customs than a ring.


If you’re in business like me with an internet store, stop and think about World Post Day and how the postal sector has helped the social and economic development of many countries. Commerce can cross borders with ease and sending a letter, while not as common due to email, can still be sent around the world for pennies. So think about that the next time you get free shipping from Zappos.com, both ways. Without world wide shipping, we could only sell to those who could reach our store easily. The postal service has opened up a world of possibilities and customers.

A mailbox as a flower pot

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