Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why Buy a Diamond?

The sale of diamonds has been taking a slide over the years. Diamonds were once a top seller, but they now make up approximately 41 percent of sales for jewelers and retail jewelry stores. There are many reasons given for the decline in sales. On-line retailers (we’re always the bad guys), lower profits as cost increases (retailers are devoting more space to higher profit pieces), social issues (blood diamonds) and just a general lack of interest in diamond jewelry. Has anyone thought about fashion trends?


While diamonds will always be a popular stone in jewelry, fashion trends have shifted. Diamonds are a big investment. If you want your jewelry to make an impact it needs to be relatively large or at least take up some space. It’s kind of hard to do that on a budget. The skyrocketing price of gold and diamonds makes it difficult to wear fashionable statement pieces unless you have a trust fund.

Larger statement pieces are more budget friendly when you consider silver and colored gemstones. Additionally, natural stone and amber is inexpensive and when strung together in large pieces can make quite a statement. Fine fashion jewelry that uses sterling silver, gold accents and large colored gemstones are popular. They make a wonderful and colorful fashion statement and it’s a fun way to dress up any outfit.


As the economy continues to lag and jobs are still a topic of concern, I just don’t see large expenditures on diamond jewelry. Women still want to look fashionable so we will continue to purchase jewelry and accessories. They are an inexpensive way to jazz up an outfit or keep on trend. I love my sterling silver and white sapphire ring and no one has to know it’s not diamonds. Those little darlings still have a lot of sparkle and shine, which is what we really want in jewelry anyways.


  1. Thanks for this great post, i find it very interesting and very well thought out and put together. I look forward to reading your work in the future. Steff Howard

  2. Diamond is a popular stone worldwide, a diamond gives a beautiful look to jewellery whether its a Gold diamond ring or a bracelet.