Monday, October 1, 2012

The First Monday in October

This is the first Monday in October, other than the name of a movie, it is also a date. There are many significant mini-events that occur in October. It is the beginning of the Supreme Court of the United States session. It is breast cancer awareness month. Also don’t forget it is the start of the Halloween holiday season. So many things to write about, such a clean calendar with few obligations or requirements, yes the start of a new month. That will probably change once I get a chance to fill everything in, I know I have obligations, I just haven’t written them down.


So my first order of business for today is to put up a portion of a flyer from my good friend with a wonderful cause. Kirstin Litz is Vice President of Tri-Valley SOCKs, and they are fundraising during this month of October since it is also breast cancer awareness month. Give them a hand and help fight breast cancer. Mark Gregory & Company will be donating 10% of our sales of Stackable Expressions to Tri-Valley SOCKs. They are an awesome charity that is run entirely with the help of non-paid volunteers. You can go to their webpage, for more information or maybe sign up for their walk, Bras for the Cause in May 2013.  I plan on having more information during the month so keep an eye on this blog.

Tri-Valley SOCKS organizers of

Bras for the Cause®

 raises money for breast cancer research, treatment and educational programs

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