Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Black and Orange

Congrats San Francisco Giants!

While I am not a huge baseball fan, I did watch the pennant race between the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. It was a very impressive series and I was glad that my home town team came out on top. Since the team colors are black and orange and this is the month of October I think that maybe our team has a chance to win the World Series based on this odd association. Who better to represent the winners of the World Series in October than a bunch of guys dressed in black and orange?


I know that I will be watching the game on TV since I read an article that said World Series tickets begin somewhere around $400 a seat. That is way too rich for my blood. Besides we have had some very cold and wet weather as of late and my family room is way more comfortable. It’s fun to see so many people supporting our team. People who may not have necessarily rooted for us are now breaking out their jerseys from the last time the Giants won the World Series. My neighbor was even sporting a jersey yesterday, but I think he is a longtime fan.

 Please note the rain

Apparently as fervor for a sports team increases so does the counterfeit sports merchandise. There have been news stories warning fans to beware of the counterfeit seller on street corners in San Francisco. They come out whenever the team is doing well and sell caps and t-shirts with the team name and logo. They are not merchandise sanctioned by the MLB. This also happened when the San Francisco 49ers were doing well. I believe it also is a problem for the Oakland Raiders. As you can see we have a lot of sports teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Local businesses lose a lot of money every year due to counterfeit merchandise. While the shirts and caps maybe lower in price, they are made in China and the official merchandise in made in San Francisco. Another scammer tourist and locals should avoid is the ticket scalper. They are currently out in droves selling World Series tickets for seats that don’t even exist at crazy prices. It is such a shame to see someone all excited about a game and they don’t even get to see it. So remember, buyer beware, especially now because the excitement of our team’s accomplishments maybe clouding our judgment and some unscrupulous person will take advantage.
On to the World Series!

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