Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reselling Jewelry

Jewelry makes a fashion statement

Apparently there is a huge market for vintage jewelry or jewelry that is recycled. People buy jewelry over a lifetime or inherit jewelry from family members and then find it doesn’t fit their taste or lifestyle so they sell it. Many would love to have the money for other purchases, maybe even some new jewelry. Of course what you can get for a piece of jewelry will vary depending on the quality of the piece. This has always been the rule. High end jewelry with quality stones that are large will command higher prices.


The recent meteoric rise in gold prices as also contributed to the resale market. If you purchased a piece of gold jewelry twenty or more years ago, it is a good bet it is worth twice what you would pay today. If this piece also happens to be out of style, why not sell it for something that fits your life? There isn’t as much shame associated with selling old jewelry. Once upon a time a woman would only sell her jewelry to pay a bill collector. There was also a time when we attached sentimental value to every piece we received, but women are now buying for themselves thusly allowing for easier resale. Selling your jewelry is now a personal choice.

Jewelry was once reserved for special life events, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and a host of other milestones. In the past twenty years many retailers started developing inexpensive trendy pieces. These pieces were of higher quality than costume jewelry and utilized real diamonds with gold or sterling silver.  This made quality jewelry more fashionable, something that could change with the seasons. This wasn’t always the case and could also be contributing to the resale market of used jewelry. Not to mention vintage jewelry is a trend in itself.


While there will always be a market for high end jewelry, nowadays there is a market for just about any kind of quality jewelry. A piece can be worth quite a bit when you take each part into consideration. Many women are letting go of those pieces they just don’t wear or don’t have any use for anymore. Some are even taking a wedding ring after a divorce and fashioning it into a cocktail ring that they will wear and enjoy. This is truly what jewelry is all about, it is something that you love to wear otherwise you probably won’t wear it.

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