Monday, October 15, 2012

Over Sharing on Facebook

Beware the cat burglar

I just read a quick article on JCK about an over sharing jeweler who may have been a target for robbery. While many jewelers are targets for robbery, they have a lot of jewelry that is easy to pawn; Facebook may not be your biggest enemy. We all know those individuals on social media that post every thought that comes into their minds. They have Foursquare and other GPS apps that keep track of their every move. We know what they are doing every minute of every day. While to some this seems like over sharing and potentially dangerous, aren’t there easier ways to get information?


Granted there could be nefarious characters out there scoping your Facebook page to see if you are home so they can figure out the perfect time to rob your house. No self-respecting burglar wants to rob a house full of people. I’m sure it’s much easier with no one home. I’m just thinking that there is more loot at your store so why not hit you there? Also, while a robber can scope out your Facebook page, they can also follow you home from your store. This is much easier and doesn’t require “friending” or “liking” someone. All of which leave a computer trail.

This thief is much more likely in my backyard

Now I’m not trying to give tips on the perfect burglary, I wouldn’t know how to do that anyways. I just believe that it is much easier and more profitable to stage a robbery of a jewelry store than to try and rob a jeweler’s home. Besides people should know their neighbors and also know when someone doesn’t belong in their neighborhood. My neighborhood is close knit and watches out for each other. We know when there is someone who shouldn’t be in the neighborhood. Several of us use the same gardeners and housekeepers and we know which days they come for service.


Last year we had some road repairs on our street performed by a subcontractor for the city. I noticed one of the workers walking up my neighbor’s driveways and looking over the fence. I called the city because I thought that was weird. This morning I noticed that the window was down on my neighbor’s truck when I went out to get the paper, while odd I’ll probably mention it when I see him to make sure everything is okay. So while posting information on Facebook might lead a burglar to your door, they won’t get far if you have good neighbors. A little common sense and a friendly helpful attitude go a long way to keeping everyone safe.

Get to know your neighbors

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  1. Interesting post. I think about those things when I am on much information should you give away? I am careful to never give particulars but rather just post pictures of where I've been! It is easy to fall into the trap of giving way too many details! :)