Friday, October 5, 2012

National Golf Day

Love the argyle sweater

Oops, I missed National Golf Day yesterday. This month I’m highlighting the events and oddities associated with the month of October. Yesterday was National Golf Day and that is probably when I should have written a blog on golf. Not that I’m any good at golf. My idea of golf is to drive around the course and hit the ball until I’m tired. I like to putt and can be found frequently throwing my ball towards the green. I tee off once at the start of the course and then place my ball wherever the furthest and best positioned ball lands from then on.


As you can see I don’t take golf seriously. I guess because I’ve never been competitive in sports, only academics. Now when I say its National Golf Day I don’t mean we celebrate golf. It’s a major charitable event whereby PGA members are encouraged to golf with contributors whose donations go to a wide range of charities. The event began in 1952 and of course Bob Hope was in attendance. The date for this event apparently changes each year so you have to check with the PGA to see when it will occur.

A sterling silver golf bag bead
For me, since golf is not taken seriously, I focus on other aspects. I’m probably more concerned that my outfit looks cute and whether my glove matches my golf shoes. This was an important point when I took a golf vacation in Palm Springs. I was also concerned that my glove did not interfere with my rings and bracelets. The true musing of an avid golfer…I think not! So while I may not be the best golfer, I’m a well-dressed golfer. I also noticed that there is golf jewelry for those who like to combine the two.


There are people who take the game seriously and feel a need to wear their hobby on their person. For this reason Reflection Beads makes golf related charms. They are kind of cute and I have had these charms purchased as gifts for those who love golf, usually women. I like to think there is always something for everyone out there, including those who love their hobbies. Golfers are no different and the country club look is causal cool and can be dressed up with the right accessories. See, I’m way more concerned with my outfits then my game, probably because my chances of looking good are better than my playing a great game of golf.

Golf clubs and ball dangle

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