Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring

My favorite boots

So we had the first rain of the season yesterday and this morning. While not famous for its rain, we get our fair share every year here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was fun to wear a thick sweater and boots yesterday. This of course got me to thinking about my favorite footwear. I love boots and jeans. Today looks like it is also going to be equally as chilly so I will be wearing a heavy sweater and my Frye shearling boots again. I love the rain.


The change of seasons is fun and while I love summer, I’m definitely a cold weather person. I just love wearing layers and jackets. I have to admit that I’m a coat junkie and have them crammed into every available closet. That was one of the reasons why I bought the house I’m currently living in, it had huge closets that I couldn’t resist. Three of the four bedrooms had walk-in closets and while the master bedroom didn’t have a walk-in closet, it made up for it by having his and her closets.

Love this coat by Zara
All this closet space has allowed me to amass a large collection of winter wear. I have a treasure trove of blazers, both linen and tweed. I have tons of sweaters and of course, shoes and boots. While I stick with the same simple wrap dress throughout most of the super-hot summer days, it’s fun to change things up and wear something warmer. Since it is now October it is fair game to pull out the boots and jackets. There’s something about wearing boots in the summer that is a mismatch, at least to me. Although I’ve seen many get away with the floral dress, jeans jacket and cowboy boot look.


I know that I will be wearing my beloved Frye boots today; the only decision is whether to wear them with jeans over the boots, leggings tucked into the boots, or skinny jeans. Don’t worry; I have plenty of long sweaters that cover my derriere. Nothing worse than a woman of a certain age wearing leggings with a too short sweater, I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. So enjoy the damp weather and put on your boots, it’s the perfect footwear for a day like today.

Maybe I'll wear black today...

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