Monday, October 29, 2012

How Much Would You Pay for Jeans?

Seven for Mankind Jean $215.00

I had a conversation the other day with a couple of ladies. They were both very into clothes and in fact one owned a clothing store. It is a small boutique that sells a select brand of clothing and of course she was wearing one of her designs. It was really nice, held its shape well, and was good looking fabric and best of all, the price was right. She was quite proud that while the garments she sells are of good quality, they didn’t break the bank. Got to love affordable clothes!


We got on the subject of jeans when I noticed that she was tall. I am also tall with a long inseam and sometimes I have a problem finding jeans that fit. Most off the rack jeans are simply too short and while it is more acceptable to wear slim cut jeans with your ankles showing, most jeans show way more than my ankles unless they are tall cut. I asked about jeans and she informed me that she does have a line of jeans and yes they come in a tall cut. I was also informed that they weren’t $150 a pair.

Citizens of Humanity Jeans $229.00 

While some people have no concern for the money they spend on clothes I have a hard time spending a month’s grocery budget on a pair of jeans. I’ve also noticed that it isn’t always designers such as Gucci, or Dior that sells outrageously priced jeans. Companies such as Seven for Mankind, True Religion and Citizens of Humanity all sell jeans in the $200 range. Please note the karma/spiritual names. You will need to make sure that your hubby is in his Zen place when you explain to him how much you spent on a pair of jeans. Don't think I will be going anywhere near that conversation.


I will probably never spend that much on a pair of jeans, especially when I think about how many pairs of Levi’s I can buy for that same $200. You can call me cheap but I just like to think of myself as a smart shopper. I see no reason to buy such expensive jeans when there are others available. My biggest problem is finding an inseam that fits and companies such as Levi’s and Wranglers make several types. I figure why stray when the price is so good? I might go to the mall just to try on a pair just so I can say I did, but I don’t think I’ll be spending that much on a pair of jeans. $200 jeans cut way too far into my jewelry and accessories budget, not an option.

Levi's 525 Jean $45.00


  1. I even have a hard time with $45 per pair sometimes! I don't understand what a $200 pair of jeans could possibly do that a pair of jeans from Target can't do! If they made me look skinnier and imparted wisdom on me, I might do it! :)

  2. What a nice jeans pairs and this prise not costly so it is more acceptable to wear slim cut jeans with your ankles showing most jeans show way more than my ankles unless they are tall cut and i will buy sure for me.