Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Jewelry

Carry a brass knuckle skull evening bag

It’s that time of year again when themed jewelry and accessories are on the market. While some jewelry or accessories are kitschy and weird, others can be worn into the season. Now I’m not talking about those skull rings and earrings that women wear to be edgy, I’m talking about those pieces that look themed for Halloween. White plastic skeleton earrings dangling from your ears and were found at the drug store aren’t edgy. While fun, they scream Halloween (no pun intended).


There is a lot of jewelry with a dark theme that is both edgy and wearable. It also depends on the type of outfit and the personality of the wearer. A pair of crystal encrusted skull earrings can be pulled off, but make sure the outfit is appropriate and so is your age. I think this type of jewelry looks best when you’re wearing something normal. Nothing too weird, stay away from all black, tight and slinky, you don’t want to look like Morticia Adams. I saw a woman, mid 40s wearing jeans and a cute silky top and she added some skull earrings and a matching necklace, it looked good.

 Really cool!

The thing to remember is not too much, don’t go over the top. If you have an allover look with a lot of dark colors, black nail polish and a necklace made from human teeth, not only will it look like a costume, people might think your off your meds. Subtle is the keyword. A ring or bracelet with a little bit of dark humor looks good, stick to only a piece or two. Also remember to wear bright colors or white in your outfit. You want to look tough and edgy, not psychotic and scary.


Accessories are a good way to dress up any outfit. Themed jewelry and accessories are a fun way to add a little something to your outfit every day. We all want to celebrate the holidays but wouldn’t it be fun to wear that skull crystal studded t-shirt on more than one day out of the year? So remember to look for subtle dark jewelry, accessories and fashion pieces, quality is also important. If it looks like plastic people will think costume. Have fun this holiday and wear some themed jewelry, it’s easy to wear even when it’s not Halloween.

This bracelet probably looks best on a 12 year old

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