Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Does Size Matter?

Elizabeth Taylor always loved a big engagement ring

Okay for all those with a dirty mind, stop…I’m taking about engagement rings. There is a lot of media attention revolving around celebrities and their engagements. Some of these women are sporting very large stones on their fingers. This got me to thinking, would a women turn down someone who presented an unacceptable engagement ring? Also, if she did, wouldn’t this lead the guy to believe he just dodged a bullet? After all, in the right circumstances just getting your beloved to make the commitment is all a girl wants, right?


When I got married eons ago, my engagement ring was cute but not going to set any world records. Most of my friends were shocked and happy for me just because I was getting married. The ring had nothing more to do with it other than it was a symbol of his commitment to me. Pretty romantic huh? I’ve always thought that the guy mattered more than the ring. This also goes the other way. The girl you are going to marry should be happy with whatever you give her as long as the sentiment is pure.

 Jennifer Aniston has a big ring

This got me to thinking, what if a woman turned down the guy who asked her to marry him simply because the ring wasn’t big enough? It probably says that this gal wasn’t really interesting in getting married in the first place. It truly might not be him, but her. I’m also sure that it actually happens from time to time. A guy may pop the question too early or at a point in the relationship where she is questioning her commitment to him. Either way it is probably best that she doesn’t say yes when she isn’t sure.


Now if everything in the relationship is good and she does want her significant other to ask but is disappointed in the ring, this might be a problem. If she says no just because of the ring, she might actually be a problem. Who wants to spend the rest of your life with someone whose expectations are so high that you can’t meet them? It is a daunting task. Married life is hard enough and starting off with disappointment over a silly ring sets a bad tone. Besides, after decades, yes decades, of marriage I can truthfully say with experience, that the little engagement ring will be relegated to its velvet box because someday he’ll get you a big girl ring!
Jessica Biel got her "big girl" ring

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