Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day and it’s a national holiday in the US. This means no postal service, bummer. This also means that schools are not in session and your bank will be closed. Retail on the other hand will be going great guns. There is probably a Columbus Day sale somewhere if not at every store in the mall. For those of us with a love of shopping, it will be a good day to look around and see what bargains we can hunt down.


This sense of discovery and celebration is probably why there are so many sales on Columbus Day or it's just a ploy by the retail industry. It’s like every retailer in the known world wants you to go out and find your own bargain. While I’m not strictly opposed to this activity it really doesn’t focus on why we are all taking the day off. Christopher Columbus was a great explorer who risked life and limb to discover new lands. Sometimes I feel silly just trying to discover a new pair of boots.

 Go out and discover!

Columbus Day is officially the celebration of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas. While most state and federal government offices take a holiday, other celebrate with parades and festivals. It is an important event in history after all. While once associated with Catholic immigrants, think Knights of Columbus, it is mostly a celebration of the achievements of Italian Americans. My home town of San Francisco boasts the longest existing celebration of Italian American heritage on Columbus Day, their paraded and celebrations began around 1868.


I will unfortunately be out of town this weekend and will miss the local Columbus Day events. Since this is also Fleet Week, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival and a host of other popular celebrations it might be a good weekend to be out of the city. I’m sure it will be a packed city and it’s hard to move around when things are packed. I will be in a small town and probably take the time to shop their local festivals and flea markets, always fun. It’s been a long weekend and I hope you took advance of the time off if possible, I certainly did.
Val Kilmer made a movie called Columbus Day?

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