Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clothing Pet Peeves

Please explain...

Everybody has clothing pet peeves. It’s those pieces of clothing or styles that you just refuse to wear. For some it is obvious, these are styles that rarely look good on anyone let alone the average individual. Then there are those pieces that makes one scratch their head and just wonder “what were they thinking.” In the category of not thinking I elect peeptoe boots. While some people find them the cat’s pajamas, I don’t understand why you would wear boots and then expose your toes, it doesn’t make sense. Isn’t the purpose of wearing boots to keep your feet warm while looking awesome?


Another oddball clothing style is the poncho. While the cape and ponchos have been marching up and down the runway this season I won’t be wearing them. I don’t care how fashionable and stylish some may think this item is it’s just not for me. I know I’ll end up looking frumpy and probably get tangled up to boot. I saw a woman wearing a knit poncho at the store yesterday; it was not a good look. She did look frumpy, but even worse, she looked dated. I’m sure that high fashion has a shelf life. If you wore it when you were young don’t go back, even if it is in style. On someone who’s never worn a poncho before it looks fresh, on those who remember them from the 70s, it just looks dated.

Oh look, it's the cast from Lord of the Rings! 

Too short skirts seem to be making a comeback and to make matters worse they aren’t tight but loose. Think short pleated plaid skirts from Catholic schools. Now I don’t know about you but one errant puff of wind and “I see London, I see France,” becomes a phrase I will be hearing soon. I will be sticking to longer skirts that compliment my mature style. While I believe my legs are still pretty good, it’s modesty that keeps my skirts a little lower. Besides I read somewhere that women of a certain age should wear slightly longer skirts, just above the knee or lower. It keeps us from looking like we’re trying too hard.


Last but not least of my “I find this freaky” clothing pet peeves is the kitten heeled mule shoe. Not only are these hard to walk in, try wearing a slipper with a heel, they kind of look funny. I’ve seen many women walking around with these on and they all walk with a small shuffle step. Not super attractive. It’s like that old joke, how do you steal a pair of shoes from Kmart? You demonstrate a shuffle step as if the shoes are tied together. When I’m walking I’m planning on going somewhere and taking baby steps isn’t going to get me where I want to go. So these are my clothing pet peeves, if you have any please share. Love to hear all about it.
I don't care if they're Manolo Blahniks how do you walk in them?


  1. Today I was faced with one of my biggest pet peeves which is black slacks with white socks and black dress shoes! Buy a pair of black dress socks already! :)

    I also really dislike the mule slipper with heals, IMPOSSIBLE to walk in and looks ridiculous!

  2. I don't like this type of shoes and this design really dislike but i think that almost person choose this type of shoe so nothing bad.