Monday, October 22, 2012

Break Out the Blazers

The Preppy Look

Since it’s raining today I will be going for my faux riding look. It is very Ralph Lauren, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I get to wear my Frye boots with leggings tucked in and a sweater with a blazer, awesome. When I was younger this was a preppy look. I will admit that I did wear a prep school look. I like to think of it as Ali McGraw via “Love Story.” Looking back on my life I can’t help but notice I may have been channeling her style.


The prep school look is still popular today although it has gone through some changes. This look still relies on a few foundation pieces. Blazers, oxford shirts and of course plaids, tweeds and argyle patterns are all still popular. I love the rich look of the fabrics that are used. Now you have to remember that the prep school look mimics what students wore for prep school, but it’s not the school uniform look. Please don’t confuse the two.

 Ali McGraw 1970s

The prep style look is classic, the lines are simple and the pieces are tailored. Tailored pants, blazers and top quality leather footwear are all marks of the preppy look. This style has been around since the 1950s and is now considered classic so don’t be afraid to invest in a few high end pieces. Cardigans are always big so investing in cashmere is okay. Part of the appeal of the preppy look is how it never goes out of style. You can buy a piece and literally wear it for years.


I like the casual yet slightly dressy look this style presents. It also relies on layering. When the weather is unpredictable it is good to dress in layers. You can always add or drop a piece and still stay warm or cool, depending on the situation. It’s also practical fashion, when it’s raining it doesn’t get any preppier than boots and a trench coat which will probably be my outfit for the day. It’s really hard to beat.
Ali McGraw today, she's still got it

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