Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Grey Day

Love this jacket

I woke up this morning to see low clouds hanging over the hills by my house. It was damp and quiet, perfect for a day spent beside a fire drinking coffee or hot chocolate. Probably going to go with the coffee since I’m not sure if I have hot chocolate. It’s the perfect day to spend a little extra time in bed, relaxing and not taking work too seriously. Ah if this were only possible, life would be grand.


Unfortunately today is the day that I must buy some groceries. Darn that need to eat everyday getting in the way of my Zen moment. I thought today would be a good day to maybe go through my closet and assess my sweater collection and evaluate whether any need to be donated or just thrown away. While I love all the clothes in my closet dearly, some just become so old that wearing them makes me look like a bag lady, well maybe not that bad.

 Love the flare at the waist

I did come to the conclusion that I need a new leather biker jacket. I’m thinking something a little on the short side as opposed to a longer version. It’s really not me, or at least I never thought it would be a style that I would wear. You see I’m always trying to hide the “not as slim as I would like torso.” I’ve been told it’s not so bad but I still try and hide it. I’ve been wearing a lot of leggings and skinny jeans but still go for a larger longer top. These long tops all fall below many of my jackets, just by an inch or two and look odd.


My theory involves letting more hang out. A cute short leather jacket over a long tunic sweater and legging just might work. I think there is a rule somewhere that says, short over long. Not sure, I could be making this up to get a new jacket. For now I’ll just wear my jeans jacket because I know this will be a long and arduous search. Not that I can’t do it, searching is half the fun. Besides I have the internet on my side and just like shoe shopping I bet I can go leather jacket shopping all while sitting by the fireplace with a cup of coffee.
On the plus side if the power goes out your prepared

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