Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Better than average pumpkin carving

I’ve been doing this blog for a while and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. This holiday has always been kid centric and even now it’s a holiday that brings out the kid in all of us. They are predicting rain today so I’m thinking that we will get fewer tricker treaters than last year, which wasn’t too many. All I have to say is Yay, more candy for me! But all that aside, I do enjoy some of the creativity that parents and kids put into their costumes.

 Pretty creative costume for a Hitchcock fan

I also noticed a lot of creativity going into pumpkin carving. It is turning into an art in itself. Some are so fancy you can tell that the carvers could probably work with clay and come up with something spectacular. Gone are the days of a pumpkin carved with two eyes, a nose and a grinning crooked mouth. I’m glad that I’ve given up carving a pumpkin because mine would look terribly amateurish if I did happen to apply knife to pumpkin.

 This pumpkins is awesome

I will look forward to tonight’s crop of cute costumes. I know that someone will dress up their baby or toddler and they will look so adorable. It will probably be their first time going out for candy and I’m sure they will come to the conclusion that Halloween is a totally awesome holiday. Let’s face it, you dress up in a costume and go door to door asking for candy, and you get it! It doesn’t get any better than this in kid land.

 Had to throw in a couple of cuties

So enjoy your Halloween and don’t let the little goblins cause too much havoc. If it rains sit by the fire and eat some candy. I’m sure there is a monster movie marathon on TV somewhere, the Syfy channel is a good one for that. If you’re going to a party, keep it safe, there are a lot of crazies out there. Any way you carve it or dress it up, have a Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween all!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clothing Pet Peeves

Please explain...

Everybody has clothing pet peeves. It’s those pieces of clothing or styles that you just refuse to wear. For some it is obvious, these are styles that rarely look good on anyone let alone the average individual. Then there are those pieces that makes one scratch their head and just wonder “what were they thinking.” In the category of not thinking I elect peeptoe boots. While some people find them the cat’s pajamas, I don’t understand why you would wear boots and then expose your toes, it doesn’t make sense. Isn’t the purpose of wearing boots to keep your feet warm while looking awesome?


Another oddball clothing style is the poncho. While the cape and ponchos have been marching up and down the runway this season I won’t be wearing them. I don’t care how fashionable and stylish some may think this item is it’s just not for me. I know I’ll end up looking frumpy and probably get tangled up to boot. I saw a woman wearing a knit poncho at the store yesterday; it was not a good look. She did look frumpy, but even worse, she looked dated. I’m sure that high fashion has a shelf life. If you wore it when you were young don’t go back, even if it is in style. On someone who’s never worn a poncho before it looks fresh, on those who remember them from the 70s, it just looks dated.

Oh look, it's the cast from Lord of the Rings! 

Too short skirts seem to be making a comeback and to make matters worse they aren’t tight but loose. Think short pleated plaid skirts from Catholic schools. Now I don’t know about you but one errant puff of wind and “I see London, I see France,” becomes a phrase I will be hearing soon. I will be sticking to longer skirts that compliment my mature style. While I believe my legs are still pretty good, it’s modesty that keeps my skirts a little lower. Besides I read somewhere that women of a certain age should wear slightly longer skirts, just above the knee or lower. It keeps us from looking like we’re trying too hard.


Last but not least of my “I find this freaky” clothing pet peeves is the kitten heeled mule shoe. Not only are these hard to walk in, try wearing a slipper with a heel, they kind of look funny. I’ve seen many women walking around with these on and they all walk with a small shuffle step. Not super attractive. It’s like that old joke, how do you steal a pair of shoes from Kmart? You demonstrate a shuffle step as if the shoes are tied together. When I’m walking I’m planning on going somewhere and taking baby steps isn’t going to get me where I want to go. So these are my clothing pet peeves, if you have any please share. Love to hear all about it.
I don't care if they're Manolo Blahniks how do you walk in them?

Monday, October 29, 2012

How Much Would You Pay for Jeans?

Seven for Mankind Jean $215.00

I had a conversation the other day with a couple of ladies. They were both very into clothes and in fact one owned a clothing store. It is a small boutique that sells a select brand of clothing and of course she was wearing one of her designs. It was really nice, held its shape well, and was good looking fabric and best of all, the price was right. She was quite proud that while the garments she sells are of good quality, they didn’t break the bank. Got to love affordable clothes!


We got on the subject of jeans when I noticed that she was tall. I am also tall with a long inseam and sometimes I have a problem finding jeans that fit. Most off the rack jeans are simply too short and while it is more acceptable to wear slim cut jeans with your ankles showing, most jeans show way more than my ankles unless they are tall cut. I asked about jeans and she informed me that she does have a line of jeans and yes they come in a tall cut. I was also informed that they weren’t $150 a pair.

Citizens of Humanity Jeans $229.00 

While some people have no concern for the money they spend on clothes I have a hard time spending a month’s grocery budget on a pair of jeans. I’ve also noticed that it isn’t always designers such as Gucci, or Dior that sells outrageously priced jeans. Companies such as Seven for Mankind, True Religion and Citizens of Humanity all sell jeans in the $200 range. Please note the karma/spiritual names. You will need to make sure that your hubby is in his Zen place when you explain to him how much you spent on a pair of jeans. Don't think I will be going anywhere near that conversation.


I will probably never spend that much on a pair of jeans, especially when I think about how many pairs of Levi’s I can buy for that same $200. You can call me cheap but I just like to think of myself as a smart shopper. I see no reason to buy such expensive jeans when there are others available. My biggest problem is finding an inseam that fits and companies such as Levi’s and Wranglers make several types. I figure why stray when the price is so good? I might go to the mall just to try on a pair just so I can say I did, but I don’t think I’ll be spending that much on a pair of jeans. $200 jeans cut way too far into my jewelry and accessories budget, not an option.

Levi's 525 Jean $45.00

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Colors

All the colors of fall

As the weather turns cooler and the leaves begin to turn, the autumnal colors start appearing in our wardrobes. Browns, yellows, burnt orange, red, olive and of course cream all make for spectacular color combinations. The pastels of spring and the bright colors of summer are no longer appropriate or fitting for the moods of fall. Just as we begin to bundle up a little more, we also begin to think about mimicking the colors of fall.


Brown is a big color for fall and has been for many years. Soft tans and chocolate browns are a staple of any wardrobe and are very appropriate for fall. Add some tweed fabric and a scarf and nothing looks more seasonal. I’ve always found it easy to make the transition from summer to fall in my clothing. Going from winter to spring, then spring to summer has always been a problem for me. I think it is partly because of the unpredictable weather we have in the Bay Area during the spring and summer. Fall is usually pretty foreseeable.

Indulge in some yellows
Here the fog starts rolling in and the evenings get a lot cooler. We may have sunshine throughout the day but it doesn’t get super-hot. I like this weather; I get to wear turtleneck sweaters and my beloved scarves. During the spring and summer I never know if one day will be hot or cold. It can be windy during the afternoon, the temperature can drop twenty degrees overnight, the morning can be mild but by afternoon it’s 110 for some quirky reason. It is the weirdest time of year for crazy weather patterns. Not real conducive for planning an outfit.


This is probably why fall is one of my favorite times of year. I can wear a blazer and a scarf. I can also wear either burnt orange or red and not look weird. The weather is mild not bipolar and candy is on sale at the local stores! It doesn’t really get any better than this. The weather isn’t too cold or too hot, the foliage is changing colors, the kids are all in school and we all have an excuse to buy candy and bake pumpkin bread. I think I’ll take a trip to Starbuck today and have a chai tea, it will be a fun way to celebrate fall and all the fall colors.

Or maybe some plaid

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Grey Day

Love this jacket

I woke up this morning to see low clouds hanging over the hills by my house. It was damp and quiet, perfect for a day spent beside a fire drinking coffee or hot chocolate. Probably going to go with the coffee since I’m not sure if I have hot chocolate. It’s the perfect day to spend a little extra time in bed, relaxing and not taking work too seriously. Ah if this were only possible, life would be grand.


Unfortunately today is the day that I must buy some groceries. Darn that need to eat everyday getting in the way of my Zen moment. I thought today would be a good day to maybe go through my closet and assess my sweater collection and evaluate whether any need to be donated or just thrown away. While I love all the clothes in my closet dearly, some just become so old that wearing them makes me look like a bag lady, well maybe not that bad.

 Love the flare at the waist

I did come to the conclusion that I need a new leather biker jacket. I’m thinking something a little on the short side as opposed to a longer version. It’s really not me, or at least I never thought it would be a style that I would wear. You see I’m always trying to hide the “not as slim as I would like torso.” I’ve been told it’s not so bad but I still try and hide it. I’ve been wearing a lot of leggings and skinny jeans but still go for a larger longer top. These long tops all fall below many of my jackets, just by an inch or two and look odd.


My theory involves letting more hang out. A cute short leather jacket over a long tunic sweater and legging just might work. I think there is a rule somewhere that says, short over long. Not sure, I could be making this up to get a new jacket. For now I’ll just wear my jeans jacket because I know this will be a long and arduous search. Not that I can’t do it, searching is half the fun. Besides I have the internet on my side and just like shoe shopping I bet I can go leather jacket shopping all while sitting by the fireplace with a cup of coffee.
On the plus side if the power goes out your prepared

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Black and Orange

Congrats San Francisco Giants!

While I am not a huge baseball fan, I did watch the pennant race between the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. It was a very impressive series and I was glad that my home town team came out on top. Since the team colors are black and orange and this is the month of October I think that maybe our team has a chance to win the World Series based on this odd association. Who better to represent the winners of the World Series in October than a bunch of guys dressed in black and orange?


I know that I will be watching the game on TV since I read an article that said World Series tickets begin somewhere around $400 a seat. That is way too rich for my blood. Besides we have had some very cold and wet weather as of late and my family room is way more comfortable. It’s fun to see so many people supporting our team. People who may not have necessarily rooted for us are now breaking out their jerseys from the last time the Giants won the World Series. My neighbor was even sporting a jersey yesterday, but I think he is a longtime fan.

 Please note the rain

Apparently as fervor for a sports team increases so does the counterfeit sports merchandise. There have been news stories warning fans to beware of the counterfeit seller on street corners in San Francisco. They come out whenever the team is doing well and sell caps and t-shirts with the team name and logo. They are not merchandise sanctioned by the MLB. This also happened when the San Francisco 49ers were doing well. I believe it also is a problem for the Oakland Raiders. As you can see we have a lot of sports teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Local businesses lose a lot of money every year due to counterfeit merchandise. While the shirts and caps maybe lower in price, they are made in China and the official merchandise in made in San Francisco. Another scammer tourist and locals should avoid is the ticket scalper. They are currently out in droves selling World Series tickets for seats that don’t even exist at crazy prices. It is such a shame to see someone all excited about a game and they don’t even get to see it. So remember, buyer beware, especially now because the excitement of our team’s accomplishments maybe clouding our judgment and some unscrupulous person will take advantage.
On to the World Series!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Does Size Matter?

Elizabeth Taylor always loved a big engagement ring

Okay for all those with a dirty mind, stop…I’m taking about engagement rings. There is a lot of media attention revolving around celebrities and their engagements. Some of these women are sporting very large stones on their fingers. This got me to thinking, would a women turn down someone who presented an unacceptable engagement ring? Also, if she did, wouldn’t this lead the guy to believe he just dodged a bullet? After all, in the right circumstances just getting your beloved to make the commitment is all a girl wants, right?


When I got married eons ago, my engagement ring was cute but not going to set any world records. Most of my friends were shocked and happy for me just because I was getting married. The ring had nothing more to do with it other than it was a symbol of his commitment to me. Pretty romantic huh? I’ve always thought that the guy mattered more than the ring. This also goes the other way. The girl you are going to marry should be happy with whatever you give her as long as the sentiment is pure.

 Jennifer Aniston has a big ring

This got me to thinking, what if a woman turned down the guy who asked her to marry him simply because the ring wasn’t big enough? It probably says that this gal wasn’t really interesting in getting married in the first place. It truly might not be him, but her. I’m also sure that it actually happens from time to time. A guy may pop the question too early or at a point in the relationship where she is questioning her commitment to him. Either way it is probably best that she doesn’t say yes when she isn’t sure.


Now if everything in the relationship is good and she does want her significant other to ask but is disappointed in the ring, this might be a problem. If she says no just because of the ring, she might actually be a problem. Who wants to spend the rest of your life with someone whose expectations are so high that you can’t meet them? It is a daunting task. Married life is hard enough and starting off with disappointment over a silly ring sets a bad tone. Besides, after decades, yes decades, of marriage I can truthfully say with experience, that the little engagement ring will be relegated to its velvet box because someday he’ll get you a big girl ring!
Jessica Biel got her "big girl" ring

Monday, October 22, 2012

Break Out the Blazers

The Preppy Look

Since it’s raining today I will be going for my faux riding look. It is very Ralph Lauren, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I get to wear my Frye boots with leggings tucked in and a sweater with a blazer, awesome. When I was younger this was a preppy look. I will admit that I did wear a prep school look. I like to think of it as Ali McGraw via “Love Story.” Looking back on my life I can’t help but notice I may have been channeling her style.


The prep school look is still popular today although it has gone through some changes. This look still relies on a few foundation pieces. Blazers, oxford shirts and of course plaids, tweeds and argyle patterns are all still popular. I love the rich look of the fabrics that are used. Now you have to remember that the prep school look mimics what students wore for prep school, but it’s not the school uniform look. Please don’t confuse the two.

 Ali McGraw 1970s

The prep style look is classic, the lines are simple and the pieces are tailored. Tailored pants, blazers and top quality leather footwear are all marks of the preppy look. This style has been around since the 1950s and is now considered classic so don’t be afraid to invest in a few high end pieces. Cardigans are always big so investing in cashmere is okay. Part of the appeal of the preppy look is how it never goes out of style. You can buy a piece and literally wear it for years.


I like the casual yet slightly dressy look this style presents. It also relies on layering. When the weather is unpredictable it is good to dress in layers. You can always add or drop a piece and still stay warm or cool, depending on the situation. It’s also practical fashion, when it’s raining it doesn’t get any preppier than boots and a trench coat which will probably be my outfit for the day. It’s really hard to beat.
Ali McGraw today, she's still got it

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Sweetest Day

The honorable sweet of October, candy corn

While today is not the Sweetest Day, tomorrow is, I thought I would give a head up for what may turn out to be a good reason to indulge in sweets. There are two schools of thought on the purpose of the Sweetest Day. One school of thought is this is a promotion by the candy industry to sell more products by inventing a day when we are all sweet or at least like to eat them. The other is promoted as a day to remember all those who have been kind to us and reciprocate with a small gift. I’m going with the latter.


Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in October. It is a day to remind us that sweet thoughts and deeds can make us and others feel good. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to buy a gift for someone else, but it is a day for a thoughtful gesture to show someone you care. Originally, Herbert Birch, a candy company employee, would bring small gifts to shut-ins and orphans. He was trying to brighten the day of someone who may have had little to look forward to. The tradition began in 1922.

 Aren't they sweet!

It is still celebrated today and I think it is a good reminder of family and friends who do things for us every day. It is easy to forget how much others do for us on a daily basis. We are all wrapped up in our work, school, kids and other obligations and sometimes forget that we are getting a helping hand. So say thank you to the neighbor who brings in your mail when you’re out of town. A thank you to that friend who brought chicken soup when you were sick and anyone who has helped you without you’re asking.


Tomorrow is the day to maybe acknowledge all of those who give a hand and maybe offer them something sweet. You can bake cookies if you are so inclined. You can buy a small box of candy. You can offer kind words to one in need. For all those who work retail you might want to bring in a box of chocolates to share. This last one is my particular favorite, who doesn’t like chocolates and an excuse to eat them? So go out and enjoy the Sweetest Day of the year.
Okay now I may have a tummy ache from the sugar

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why Buy a Diamond?

The sale of diamonds has been taking a slide over the years. Diamonds were once a top seller, but they now make up approximately 41 percent of sales for jewelers and retail jewelry stores. There are many reasons given for the decline in sales. On-line retailers (we’re always the bad guys), lower profits as cost increases (retailers are devoting more space to higher profit pieces), social issues (blood diamonds) and just a general lack of interest in diamond jewelry. Has anyone thought about fashion trends?


While diamonds will always be a popular stone in jewelry, fashion trends have shifted. Diamonds are a big investment. If you want your jewelry to make an impact it needs to be relatively large or at least take up some space. It’s kind of hard to do that on a budget. The skyrocketing price of gold and diamonds makes it difficult to wear fashionable statement pieces unless you have a trust fund.

Larger statement pieces are more budget friendly when you consider silver and colored gemstones. Additionally, natural stone and amber is inexpensive and when strung together in large pieces can make quite a statement. Fine fashion jewelry that uses sterling silver, gold accents and large colored gemstones are popular. They make a wonderful and colorful fashion statement and it’s a fun way to dress up any outfit.


As the economy continues to lag and jobs are still a topic of concern, I just don’t see large expenditures on diamond jewelry. Women still want to look fashionable so we will continue to purchase jewelry and accessories. They are an inexpensive way to jazz up an outfit or keep on trend. I love my sterling silver and white sapphire ring and no one has to know it’s not diamonds. Those little darlings still have a lot of sparkle and shine, which is what we really want in jewelry anyways.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Jewelry

Carry a brass knuckle skull evening bag

It’s that time of year again when themed jewelry and accessories are on the market. While some jewelry or accessories are kitschy and weird, others can be worn into the season. Now I’m not talking about those skull rings and earrings that women wear to be edgy, I’m talking about those pieces that look themed for Halloween. White plastic skeleton earrings dangling from your ears and were found at the drug store aren’t edgy. While fun, they scream Halloween (no pun intended).


There is a lot of jewelry with a dark theme that is both edgy and wearable. It also depends on the type of outfit and the personality of the wearer. A pair of crystal encrusted skull earrings can be pulled off, but make sure the outfit is appropriate and so is your age. I think this type of jewelry looks best when you’re wearing something normal. Nothing too weird, stay away from all black, tight and slinky, you don’t want to look like Morticia Adams. I saw a woman, mid 40s wearing jeans and a cute silky top and she added some skull earrings and a matching necklace, it looked good.

 Really cool!

The thing to remember is not too much, don’t go over the top. If you have an allover look with a lot of dark colors, black nail polish and a necklace made from human teeth, not only will it look like a costume, people might think your off your meds. Subtle is the keyword. A ring or bracelet with a little bit of dark humor looks good, stick to only a piece or two. Also remember to wear bright colors or white in your outfit. You want to look tough and edgy, not psychotic and scary.


Accessories are a good way to dress up any outfit. Themed jewelry and accessories are a fun way to add a little something to your outfit every day. We all want to celebrate the holidays but wouldn’t it be fun to wear that skull crystal studded t-shirt on more than one day out of the year? So remember to look for subtle dark jewelry, accessories and fashion pieces, quality is also important. If it looks like plastic people will think costume. Have fun this holiday and wear some themed jewelry, it’s easy to wear even when it’s not Halloween.

This bracelet probably looks best on a 12 year old

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blindsided by Amazon

Do you have items for sale on

As a small business owner I’ve had to learn how things work from scratch. I don’t have someone to lead me through the muck and mire of solving business problems or helping to make the correct business decisions. I’ve had to pick and choose who to do business with as suppliers, sub-contractors and various helpers. Not all of my picks have been good. Some have been eye opening, some have been scary and some are so questionable I wondered if their maneuver was even legal.


We sell a few items that are really general in their appeal, e.g. iPhone cases and decorator items. Not super high end, but are good sellers where we can make a little extra money. While not fancy, the products are innovative and practical. This is probably why they sell so well. The items are a little trendy which lead me to believe they might have a finite shelf life. This means they won’t be top sellers forever. What is interesting to see is when a big retailer takes interest in your product. took an interest in our iLids when we began selling them on their site. They even ran a search ad which directed people to our item on their site. We were selling quite a few and all of a sudden sales slowed. Amazon then put a hold on our money, not our ability to continue to sell the item, just our ability to draw money from our account. Before that problem was resolved they put a hold on our entire account. We couldn’t sell any items. They wanted tax payer identification information. What I thought was wrong was to hold our account and suspend sales for information they could have simply asked for and would have received. We did send over the required information within the hour.


I read a Wall Street Journal article a while back that discussed how Amazon sometimes went into competition with its retailers. Amazon sometime test markets a product using the retailers on their own site. They figure out what sells good, what is the minimum pricing and where buyers come from before they go into direct competition with a retailer. They use your own sales information to become your competition. Now I’m a little afraid after the entire hubbub, even though our account is released and back up and running. I wondered what Amazon was doing and why. I guess it remains to be seen and only time will tell.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Over Sharing on Facebook

Beware the cat burglar

I just read a quick article on JCK about an over sharing jeweler who may have been a target for robbery. While many jewelers are targets for robbery, they have a lot of jewelry that is easy to pawn; Facebook may not be your biggest enemy. We all know those individuals on social media that post every thought that comes into their minds. They have Foursquare and other GPS apps that keep track of their every move. We know what they are doing every minute of every day. While to some this seems like over sharing and potentially dangerous, aren’t there easier ways to get information?


Granted there could be nefarious characters out there scoping your Facebook page to see if you are home so they can figure out the perfect time to rob your house. No self-respecting burglar wants to rob a house full of people. I’m sure it’s much easier with no one home. I’m just thinking that there is more loot at your store so why not hit you there? Also, while a robber can scope out your Facebook page, they can also follow you home from your store. This is much easier and doesn’t require “friending” or “liking” someone. All of which leave a computer trail.

This thief is much more likely in my backyard

Now I’m not trying to give tips on the perfect burglary, I wouldn’t know how to do that anyways. I just believe that it is much easier and more profitable to stage a robbery of a jewelry store than to try and rob a jeweler’s home. Besides people should know their neighbors and also know when someone doesn’t belong in their neighborhood. My neighborhood is close knit and watches out for each other. We know when there is someone who shouldn’t be in the neighborhood. Several of us use the same gardeners and housekeepers and we know which days they come for service.


Last year we had some road repairs on our street performed by a subcontractor for the city. I noticed one of the workers walking up my neighbor’s driveways and looking over the fence. I called the city because I thought that was weird. This morning I noticed that the window was down on my neighbor’s truck when I went out to get the paper, while odd I’ll probably mention it when I see him to make sure everything is okay. So while posting information on Facebook might lead a burglar to your door, they won’t get far if you have good neighbors. A little common sense and a friendly helpful attitude go a long way to keeping everyone safe.

Get to know your neighbors

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring

My favorite boots

So we had the first rain of the season yesterday and this morning. While not famous for its rain, we get our fair share every year here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was fun to wear a thick sweater and boots yesterday. This of course got me to thinking about my favorite footwear. I love boots and jeans. Today looks like it is also going to be equally as chilly so I will be wearing a heavy sweater and my Frye shearling boots again. I love the rain.


The change of seasons is fun and while I love summer, I’m definitely a cold weather person. I just love wearing layers and jackets. I have to admit that I’m a coat junkie and have them crammed into every available closet. That was one of the reasons why I bought the house I’m currently living in, it had huge closets that I couldn’t resist. Three of the four bedrooms had walk-in closets and while the master bedroom didn’t have a walk-in closet, it made up for it by having his and her closets.

Love this coat by Zara
All this closet space has allowed me to amass a large collection of winter wear. I have a treasure trove of blazers, both linen and tweed. I have tons of sweaters and of course, shoes and boots. While I stick with the same simple wrap dress throughout most of the super-hot summer days, it’s fun to change things up and wear something warmer. Since it is now October it is fair game to pull out the boots and jackets. There’s something about wearing boots in the summer that is a mismatch, at least to me. Although I’ve seen many get away with the floral dress, jeans jacket and cowboy boot look.


I know that I will be wearing my beloved Frye boots today; the only decision is whether to wear them with jeans over the boots, leggings tucked into the boots, or skinny jeans. Don’t worry; I have plenty of long sweaters that cover my derriere. Nothing worse than a woman of a certain age wearing leggings with a too short sweater, I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. So enjoy the damp weather and put on your boots, it’s the perfect footwear for a day like today.

Maybe I'll wear black today...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reselling Jewelry

Jewelry makes a fashion statement

Apparently there is a huge market for vintage jewelry or jewelry that is recycled. People buy jewelry over a lifetime or inherit jewelry from family members and then find it doesn’t fit their taste or lifestyle so they sell it. Many would love to have the money for other purchases, maybe even some new jewelry. Of course what you can get for a piece of jewelry will vary depending on the quality of the piece. This has always been the rule. High end jewelry with quality stones that are large will command higher prices.


The recent meteoric rise in gold prices as also contributed to the resale market. If you purchased a piece of gold jewelry twenty or more years ago, it is a good bet it is worth twice what you would pay today. If this piece also happens to be out of style, why not sell it for something that fits your life? There isn’t as much shame associated with selling old jewelry. Once upon a time a woman would only sell her jewelry to pay a bill collector. There was also a time when we attached sentimental value to every piece we received, but women are now buying for themselves thusly allowing for easier resale. Selling your jewelry is now a personal choice.

Jewelry was once reserved for special life events, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and a host of other milestones. In the past twenty years many retailers started developing inexpensive trendy pieces. These pieces were of higher quality than costume jewelry and utilized real diamonds with gold or sterling silver.  This made quality jewelry more fashionable, something that could change with the seasons. This wasn’t always the case and could also be contributing to the resale market of used jewelry. Not to mention vintage jewelry is a trend in itself.


While there will always be a market for high end jewelry, nowadays there is a market for just about any kind of quality jewelry. A piece can be worth quite a bit when you take each part into consideration. Many women are letting go of those pieces they just don’t wear or don’t have any use for anymore. Some are even taking a wedding ring after a divorce and fashioning it into a cocktail ring that they will wear and enjoy. This is truly what jewelry is all about, it is something that you love to wear otherwise you probably won’t wear it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Taking a Mental Health Day

Today is actually World Mental Health Day. This day is devoted to “enhancing treatment and promoting mental health.” Now I’m all for promoting my own mental health and the best way to do this is through retail therapy. It is a system that usually works for me. Now I know many experts would say this is not helpful due to the potential consequences of shopping, but shopping doesn’t always require buying. One can simply browse and use their imagination, or if they really find something that is perfect they can save towards a purchase in the future. It is important to maintain our own mental health.


I’ve been very busy over the past few weeks and just came to the realization that I’ve been gone from home more than I’ve been home in the past twenty days. This is probably not a good way to promote mental health. The stressors that we face every day can be daunting and when you factor in unforeseen events just about anyone can become overstressed. This is why I think it is time for me to take a mental health day for myself. If I don’t do any shopping I know I will at least be playing with jewelry. I love to try things on and mix and match pieces. Every little girl loves to play dress up and just because I’m grown up doesn’t mean I’ve changed.

The holiday season is right around the corner and for most retailers this becomes their busiest time of the year. There are no exceptions for on-line retailers and those who craft their own jewelry. While preparation is important to make things go smoothly taking some time off when you can is also important. I can see that soon I won’t have any time for myself and my work will become all consuming. This is a formula for bad mental health, particularly if I do not allow for some “me” time. It is a little scary to consider when I think about all the other factors in my life that are pulling me in different directions, away from my work.


Soon I will be coordinating designers and customers, purchases, returns and exchanges, packaging and shipping twelve or more hours per day. While I started preparation many months ago it always becomes frenzied and crazy regardless of the amount of planning I’ve done. So today is my mental health day to reassess and coordinate where I’m going and where I’ve been. I know that I will not be able to turn off all the demands for my time, which are many, but I will do my best to crave out time for myself. So take time for a cup of coffee, browse through a magazine or on-line and if anyone says anything tell them you are supporting World Mental Health Day with a moment of self-introspective.