Friday, September 21, 2012

You Say “Cheap” Like It’s a Bad Thing

When people hear the word cheap they probably think of something of poor quality. The price is usually low but so is the manufacturing quality. A better word to use when describing something reasonably priced is probably inexpensive. This makes sense but sometimes I find myself using the expression “wow that’s cheap” when I’m describing a good buy. Cheap doesn’t have to mean that you are giving up something when you are purchasing an item.


When you read the definitions of the word cheap it starts off pretty good. Relatively low in cost, comparatively inexpensive. By the time you get to the bottom it has devolved to, worthy of no respect. For me cheap means the first definition. I’m always looking for the good deal. If I spend a lot of money on a pair of boots or a handbag it is because I know that I will be using them for a long time. Rebuying something several times a year or frequently, even at a low cost, is not cheap. In today’s economy it is more important to find products that are inexpensive and a good value.

When it comes to jewelry I’m always looking for more bang for my buck. Gemstones are a great deal in comparison to diamonds. Gold is extremely expensive and when coupled with diamonds it becomes a piece that requires a special occasion, like a 30th wedding anniversary. That doesn’t come around every day. When looking to update your jewelry wardrobe you need to think value. There are many large gemstones on the market, set in sterling silver that gives a fabulous look without a lot of dough.


I have some blue topaz earring, cushion cut and about 35 carats for only $270.00; it doesn’t get any better than that. I also have some rock crystal earring for the same price, they’re about 30 carats. They look like diamonds but are not nearly as expensive. I’ve even seen a similar style worn on the red carpet. I’m sure there are more people with tight wardrobe budgets just like me. We don’t necessarily have to switch to fake, we just need to be careful and shop around for the best deals. It is possible.


  1. I dislike the negative meaning of "cheap", yet so many people use it. It always puts pictures of dollar store items in my mind when in reality, it usually just means that something found is less expensive than you would expect.

    Beautiful jewelry by the way...and in no way "cheap looking"!

  2. Thanks so much. I'm quite proud of how things turned out and I love the large gemstone look. I feel rich without spending a lot of money.

  3. Great thoughts. I often caught myself using the word "cheap" when working in retail, and had to remember to instead say "inexpensive." People want to know they're getting something of great quality for a lower price, and like Becky said above, unfortunately "cheap" has that sort of stigma.
    Ps - LOVE the rock crystal earrings!