Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yes You Can Wear Skinny Jeans

Beyonce looks fabulous, curves and all

There was a short discussion on Facebook the other day. I have to say thanks to all for giving me an idea for my blog while I’m suffering from writer’s block. Anyway, this discussion centered on skinny jeans and who can wear them. Are they reserved for those who are skinny and under the age of 30? While many believed the skinny jean to be the sole territory of the malnourished and perpetually juvenile, I believe they can be worn by just about anyone if artfully done.


The first rule of skinny jeans is fit. Make sure you’re not trying to cram yourself into a pair of jeans one or two sizes smaller than your actual size. Even a size 6 will look bad if they are stuffed into a size 3. Avoid the sausage roll look, no muffin tops or deep creases at the knees as the fabric is pulled too taunt. If you want them to fit slim think about a pair of jeans with spandex, it will fit tight but have some stretch. This is also more comfortable. Next, think color, black is slimming, shows fewer creases and downplays curves. A pair of black skinny jeans and a loose black tank top is extremely slimming. Just add a long top or blazer in a complimentary color.

 Wear skinny jeans with a jacket, notice #2, tone on tone is slimming

Rule number two, keep things in proportion. You need a fabulous body to wear skinny jeans and a skintight top. Keep the upper half loose but don’t drown your frame. Long lines make the eye move up and down. Look for vertical elements such as front creases or design elements that go up and down. Avoid breaking up the line of the leg by wearing shoes in the same color. Booties are a great option or wear your skinny jeans tucked into boots. Just make sure the boots and jeans are of similar color or tone. Scarves are also another element that draws the eye up and down. Wear one loosely tied so the ends hang down.


I believe that just about any body type can wear skinny jeans. It just takes a little creativity and thought. I wouldn’t give up my skinny jeans or my leggings, they are so comfortable and I love how they look with a blazer. I always make sure that my blazer is a bit longer, I buy talls. Also make sure when wearing a tunic or long shirt with skinny jeans that it covers your derriere. A belt also helps to pull things together, just don’t cinch it tightly. So wear some skinny jeans today, they’re not just for toothpicks and twelve year olds.

Hid your figure flaws under a long blazer


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