Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wearing Leather

Jennifer Aniston wears the leather sheath perfectly

I’ve notice quite a bit of attention has been given to leather for the coming fall fashion season. Leather is showing up in many shapes and forms. It’s not just leather jackets, but leather skirts, tops and of course, pants. There is also a lot of leather used as an accent. Think trench coats with leather sleeves. A peplum top with a leather bodice and cloth sleeves and skirt, leather is also used as details on skirts.


While all this leather is fascinating, it also requires adjusting your jewelry and mind set a little. The leather looks this season are much more sophisticated and doesn’t scream “Biker Chick.” There is a mixing of materials, textures and style that allows the wearer to remain fashionable and demur, if that’s possible with leather. The objective is to not look tough but rather proper. The new leather looks can be worn in the office as well as for a night out.

If you’re thinking of wearing leather in the office consider the color. Black can be too severe but pink or mauve maybe just right. A tailored wool pant, pumps and a leather shirt will add just the right amount of office wearability, remember no cleavage. A simple leather sheath can work for the office also, just keep the accessories subtle. Also don’t wear the sheath too tight, it should just skim the body. The sheath should also have good coverage, once again no cleavage and keep the hemline low, just above the knee. Nothing says party louder than a tight leather short dress.


The nice thing about leather is it has the weight and texture to add chunky accessories and not look ridiculous. A leather peplum will look great with a chunky stainless steel necklace. If you’re wearing colored leather you can mix in a little stainless steel and ceramic link jewelry. Anything sleeveless will benefit from cuffs on your wrist or maybe multiple bracelets. I like the new more sophisticated look of leather and actually have a black leather skirt. I just need to find that perfect textured fisherman’s sweater to go with it and maybe some black suede pumps. Leather is a hot look for fall.
Hot leather looks


  1. When done right, leather can look very classy....this is not the case for me and my mommy rolls! :)

    I would love to look like Jennifer in her dress and wear that beautiful chunky steel jewelry pictures above!

  2. I know what you mean, Jennifer Aniston looks awesome, but she never had kids, hmm...I think that's why I'm going for the leather skirt. I can disguise my mommy rolls under a sweater.