Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Care & Feeding of Silver Jewelry

The price of gold has remained high and while I love the durability and look of gold, it continues to stay out of reach for me. I have some gold jewelry that I wear frequently, but it is actually white gold. White gold is a gold alloy; it is mixed with other metals to achieve its color. Silver can be added to yellow gold to get white gold or copper to get rose gold. If your white gold ring begins to yellow after years of wear, it is probably due to the silver or other metal rubbing off to reveal more yellow gold just beneath the surface.


While I love white gold’s look it can be substituted with silver. Silver jewelry has the same tone and color as white gold. So all those women who remember having your colors done and finding out you’re a winter, silver will work for you. Sterling silver does require a bit more work than gold to keep the color brilliant because it can tarnish. I would recommend a cloth designed for polishing silver. These cloths have tarnish retardant chemicals built into the cloth so when you clean your piece it will remain tarnish free longer.

The polishing cloths also keep from scratching the silver. While all metals will eventually show nicks and scratches, silver can show them sooner. Highly polished pieces are also prone to showing imperfections in the surface within a short period of time. I generally look for silver jewelry with a pattern or a brushed surface. While the look of highly polished silver jewelry is attractive, it is more difficult to maintain over time.


Since the price of silver still remains a fantastic deal especially when compared to gold, I’m opting to purchase silver. It can be fashioned into just about anything and gemstones and natural stones can be set for additional style. Silver is becoming a popular option for jewelry and it is very reasonable, heaven forbid I should reduce my jewelry purchases! So while gold may continue to rise, I will continue to buy, but for now I’m sticking with silver.


  1. I love silver! It really is easy to clean and care for and it goes with everything!