Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pocket Watches are Really Cool

We’ve carried a lot of different watches for quite some time and not too long ago we expanded the pocket watch line. We’ve always had a few pocket watches but decided to really make a commitment and carry several different brands and styles. Since I’m seeing so many pocket watches I’ve developed a new appreciation for these unique timepieces.


Pocket watches have been around for a very long. At one time they were the most common watch in usage and began their distinct development in the 16th century. What I found interesting was pocket watches were worn and used by both men and women. Although it appear that now men are the only ones to wear a pocket watch in period dramas and plays. This actually makes sense if you think about the wristwatch and its usage; wristwatches became more popular after World War I. Women usually wore a pendant style watch as a necklace.

The pendant style watch on a necklace is still popular with women and can be found in retail jewelry stores. Men had shifted to the pocket style watch from the pendant watch once vests became a popular clothing item. It is the most familiar style associated with men and they haven’t changed much over the years. Pocket watches were once very expensive and a sign of status amongst those who wore them. The American Watch Company found a way to make standardized parts for pocket watches thereby reducing their price sometime around 1857. This only increased their popularity.


The pocket watch is making a huge resurgence as men take a greater interest in accessories. Wristwatches are becoming popular with those guys who take interest in their wardrobes and wish to accessorize themselves accordingly. This is probably because a watch can be worn with just about any outfit and it’s handy. Pocket watches are a natural next step. They are fun and creative. They can show everyone that you have excellent taste and aren’t afraid to try something different. Have some fun with a pocket watch, they are a lot cooler and are an awesome way to keep time.
A cute little ladybug pocket watch necklace


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