Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Office Wear

Balenciaga leather and tweed biker jacket

While technically I don’t have to think so much about office wear. Who is going to judge me? I still want to look good when going out to meet with clients or at a show. You want to look professional but not standoffish. When I was serving an internship at the Superior Court the standard dress was the dreaded pantsuit. I did wear many suits with a simple blouse and of course the ubiquitous pump. I was even careful to watch the height of the heel. In the land of lawyers there aren’t too many daring dressers.


This is definitely why I like this job better. When you are in a fashion or jewelry related industry what you wear not only matters, you get to be creative. Now I’m not talking Betsy Johnson creative, just something other than a closed toe pump and slacks. I do have to admit there were a few women walking around the courthouse that showed some fashion sense. They had beautiful shoes and handbags. Their makeup and hair were impeccable and they have lovely jewelry that was fashionable but not over the top. This is a hard balance to achieve.

 This peplum blouse can be worn with anything

Office wear is one of the hardest fashion looks to get right. It is so dependent on your office and what is the allowed dress code. For those of you who have none, yeah! For the rest of us, this isn’t so good. A couple of pieces I saw recently would jazz up any wardrobe. I saw a two toned tweed and leather jacket that would go well with a pencil skirt. There were the animal print loafers and a pretty peplum blouse that go with just about anything else. I saw some natural stone necklaces that had beautiful fall colors and using fall colors is a great way to transition into another season.


I also found a convertible neckline dress. It has a scoop neckline but you can add an infinity scarf around your neck or drape it over your shoulders. It was very nice and looked awesome with boots. Boots are my go to footwear come fall. So now that we are seeing the end of summer, it’s time for us to maybe get a little serious about our office wardrobe. Summer has to end sometime.

Tod's animal print loafers

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