Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Now that's a scary job.

Today is Labor Day and there is an eerie quiet over my entire neighborhood. This is how it is on any holiday. So many people staying home, so many people sleeping in, the newspapers are still in the driveways at 8am. It is actually kind of nice to see the rest of the world on my schedule. As many who begin work at home or write, they get up, get their coffee and go to their computers. It is a ritual and how they start the day. The fact that it is a holiday for many makes no difference to this schedule for me.


Labor Day is a federal holiday that celebrates the economic and social contributions of the worker. Let’s face it, we all wouldn’t be able to have a holiday unless someone was working. There are many people who are working today. How else would we get those last minute barbeque fixings unless there were workers at our local grocery store? We also couldn’t spend the afternoon at the mall browsing the sales without retail workers. While there are many establishments open, we only seem to think of those that are closed, banks, federal building and even some retail stores, try going to Costco.


For many in retail this is not a holiday. It is a day to hold a sale or to try and make extra sales to customers. Since many are not working today the day will be treated as an extended weekend. People will go to the movies, maybe a late afternoon lunch out with family or friends and probably get in a little shopping. It is a day to not think about deadlines, work or what is waiting on your desk from Friday afternoon. It is a day for relaxation, having a glass of wine and maybe reading a book. I also believe the weather here will be cooperating.


So thank you to all the hardworking storekeepers and those employees who don’t get the day off. They will all probably be busier than usual as those who took a long weekend are coming home from their destinations or simply going out for the day. We will celebrate your contribution to our lazy day because without some of you going to work today we couldn’t truly have a holiday.

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