Friday, September 28, 2012

It feels good to be Home

I love how the stones are different sizes

Now that I’m home I’m facing a mountain of laundry which somehow came from my suitcase. I didn’t think I brought that many pieces of clothing. Guess I did. I’m thankful for my housekeeper who came the day before I got home so I didn’t have to see the mess that was produced by my husband and son. My husband even admitted that things were pretty messy. He figured out that I must clean up every day…really?


So now I’m back in my office and going over my emails. I’ve gotten a few emails from designers that I work with and one of them included some pictures of new designs. I’m not sure if I will carry these since he also didn’t include pricing. I will have to contact him for that information. Smart cookie!

Beautiful gemstone cuff

The pictures that he sent show bracelets which are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I have a hard time resisting a bracelet and when you add gemstones, I’m hooked. These have a nice design that goes well with casual attires or for going out. I love Ed’s designs because he uses large gemstones, no tiny gemstone flakes. The large gemstones show off the color of the gemstone which are bright, reflective and expensive looking.


These bracelets are quite nice and Ed does a particularly nice job of adding large gemstones in unique shapes. It’s not always easy to pair color and shape when making jewelry which is why I give so much credit to those talented individuals who make jewelry. I wish I could figure out how to make the most rudimentary pieces but I can’t, I can’t even figure out the diagrams. So I’ve attached some pretty pictures to my blog today. If you like these pieces, let me know, I’ll pass on your compliments to Ed.
Simply gorgeous!

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  1. What a gorgeous jewelry! i love the stones are different sizes. Beautiful gemstone cuff such a very pretty. Nice to share.